Kimi to Sekai ga Owaru Hi ni Season 2


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From 12.00 a.m., Sundays, 21 March – 25 April 2021



Mamiya Hibiki and his girlfriend Ogasawara Kurumi survive a world where the living dead roam as golems. They have been living with fellow survivors on Sarushima. One day, Mamiya notices the disappearance of supplies from town when he goes to get some food, and an increase in the bodies of golems with a mysterious mark. Following this discovery, a mysterious man Noro Shohei comes from a shelter called Kibou no Ie but he seems to be hiding something. Meanwhile Kurumi starts to suspect that she has been infected as she begins to develop abnormalities due to the clinical test she had undergone. She feels uneasy about the occasional moments when her memories are fuzzy. Furthermore, there is an incident involving a fellow survivor turning into a golem on an island where there should not be any golems. Looks of suspicion are directed at Kurumi. This creates a rift between the group of survivors once again and Mamiya and Kurumi have to leave without somewhere to go to. However, while they are on the road, Kurumi’s symptoms progress. Akiyoshi Ren, who is the son of the leader of Kibou no Ie, shows up. Mamiya wakes up at the shelter which has maintained a high standard of living in this blighted world and meets his father who was supposed to have died 20 years ago. He is about to face numerous new ordeals … …

Takeuchi Ryoma as Mamiya Hibiki
A former car mechanic who used to be the leader of a group of vagrants. He was separated from his girlfriend Ogasawara Kurumi but he managed to rescue her and they spent time on Sarushima after that. Because he belonged to the archery club during high school days, he often fought against the golems using a bow and arrows. A person with great perseverance, he hates giving up. These traits help him to survive a world where the living dead roam.

Nakajo Ayami as Ogasawara Kurumi
Mamiya Hibiki’s high school sweetheart who works as a houseman. She had been a doctor at the Yokosuka military base after the world was overtaken by the living dead. When she was told that Mamiya had died, she became a test subject for the development of a vaccine. She safely reunited with him and they spend time on Sarushima where he and his group are based.

Kasamatsu Sho as Todoroki Hiro
An ex-police officer and a former high school classmate of Mamiya Hibiki and Ogasawara Kurumi. He is now a resident of Sarushima. He was a member of a group of vagrants after the end of the world but he left Mamiya and slipped into the Yokosuka military base in order to protect Kurumi whom he has unrequited feelings for. Although he is a realist and says a lot of offensive things, he actually cares for the group more than anyone else.

Iitoyo Marie as Hiiragi Kanae
A former university student who is now a resident of Sarushima. She survived as a member of a group of vagrants led by Mamiya Hibiki. She used to keep people at a distance but she gradually opened up after having a brush with death. She often takes the initiative to go and procure food for the group.

Makita Sports as Komoto Yohei
A former mover who is now a resident of Sarushima. He survived as a member of a group of vagrants led by Mamiya Hibiki. His philosophy is “If you can’t beat them, join them” and he is bad at fighting. Even though he attempts to put himself first, he is unable to desert the group and eventually fights together with them.

Ando Tamae as Mihara Shoko
A resident at the shelter Kibou no Ie and a former caregiver. She survived along with Mamiya Hibiki but took refuge at the shelter for the sake of medicine for her daughter Yuzuki who has asthma. She will do anything in order to protect her daughter.

Hongo Kanata as Akiyoshi Ren
A resident at the shelter Kibou no Ie, and the son of its leader Akiyoshi Misako. He is a senior managing director of the former Akiyoshi Resort Development. He respects his mother’s strength as a leader supporting the organisation. Although he does not talk much, he actually has a kind heart and always tries to do his best for the group.

Hamada Mari as as Akiyoshi Misako
The leader of the shelter Kibou no Ie. Akiyoshi Ren’s mother. She used to be the CEO of Akiyoshi Resort Development and immediately opened the place up as a shelter when the world was overtaken by the living dead. She is decisive and is committed to protecting the shelter’s residents.

Yoshizawa Hisashi as Noro Shohei
A resident at the shelter Kibou no Ie. He is a former refugee who sought shelter when doomsday came. He is kind-hearted and always cares about the people around him. He serves as a bridge between the refugees, Akiyoshis and former resort members.

Koichi Mantaro as Mamiya Takuro
A resident at the shelter Kibou no Ie. He is Mamiya Hibiki’s missing father. As he used to be a researcher for a drug maker, he has been playing the role of a doctor at the shelter. But in truth, he is suffering from a serious illness.

Ikeda Natsuko (Zekkyou, Shinhannin, Miyazawa Kenji no Shokutaku)

Sugawara Shintaro

Theme Song
Hoshi o Aogu by Suda Masaki

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