WOWOW Drama Special 2021 ~ Anno Lyric ~ Sakuragi Anne, Haiku Hajimete Mimashita

Anno Lyric

Date: 27 February & 6 March 2021
Original Work: Sakuragi Anne, Haiku Hajimete Mimashita by Horimoto Yuki
Scriptwriter: Arai Shuko (Dear Patient, Nodoka no Niwa, Wagaya no Himitsu)
Director: Moon Sung Ho
Cast: Hirose Suzu, Miyazawa Hio, Maiguma Katsuya, Ando Nico, Katsura Jakujaku, Akazawa Muck, Yoshida Oolongta, Mao, Itabashi Shunya, Fuse Eri, Arakawa Yoshiyoshi, Tanabe Seiichi, Natsukawa Yui
Synopsis: Sakuragi Anne (Hirose Suzu) is a student at an arts university. Although she has good eyesight, she deliberately wears spectacles. Anne has no friends due to her gawky personality. She finds a bit of pleasure every day in admiring the “words” put up on a message board in the neighbourhood and anonymously creating rap lyrics. One day, as she casually hums some lyrics, she is accosted by Renjo Subaru (Miyazawa Hio), a talented young copywriter who works for a big advertising agency called Dexas. Renjo is also a haiku poet who won first place in a national haiku competition during his high school days. He was pulled into a team for an ambitious project with haiku and rap as the theme by his boss, the creative director Toya Rose Yuri (Natsukawa Yui), and has been racking his brains over this offbeat idea. Anne ends up lending a hand after being cajoled by Renjo. She attends her first gathering chaired by the haiku poet Motomiya Ayuhiko (Tanabe Seiichi) who is Renjo’s teacher. Although she knows nothing about haiku and also feels uneasy about interpersonal relationships, she becomes acquainted with unique people (Ando Nico, Katsura Jakujaku, Akazawa Muck, Yoshida Oolongta) at the gathering and starts to get drawn into the world of haiku. Meanwhile, Anne participates in a briefing session at the advertising agency and happens to run into a popular up-and-coming rapper Hagebouzu (Itabashi Shunya) who has provided lyrics.

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