Mokomi ~ Kanojo ga Chotto Hen dakedo


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From 11.00 p.m., Saturdays, 23 January – 3 April 2021


TV Asahi

Shimizu Mokomi checks for defective products at a small factory where she works part-time. She sorts them out faster than the other employees and works quietly. One day, Mokomi finds a defective product among the products that her colleagues have finished sorting and she instinctively says, “This child is injured.” In fact, Mokomi possesses delicate senses which allow her to understand the feelings of objects that are supposed to have none. She could not hide these senses as a child and frequently made waves around her by speaking for these objects. As a result of this uncanny ability, she has been treated as a weirdo and scolded. Mokomi stopped going to school when she was in fifth grade in elementary school and tried to live with as little interaction with other people as possible. She eventually graduated from high school through a correspondence course. It was only when Mokomi was 20 that she followed her mother Chikako’s suggestion and began a part-time job at the factory. But she has also been made to feel out of place at the factory. Noticing a high window in the factory one day, she abruptly tells the chief that the window should be cleaned. However, the cleaning company replies that it cannot come for a while, she takes unexpected action which ends up inconveniencing the people around her. Chikako is informed that her daughter caused trouble at the factory and is concerned. She has worried for a long time about Mokomi being somewhat different from other children and hopes her daughter can live without incident while remaining anxious that this wish will not come true. Nevertheless, she supports Mokomi in her own way along with her husband Nobuhiro, their son Shunsuke. Several days later on Mokomi’s 22nd birthday, Mokomi suddenly declares that she does not want to go to the factory for some reason and wants to spend this day peacefully. Chikako listens to Mokomi. That night, a visitor comes as Mokomi’s family celebrates her birthday … … Something makes Mokomi decide to step out into the wide world. As she begins to venture out, this also affects her seemingly peaceful family which is actually splintered. They start throwing their honest opinions at each other and coming to terms with themselves in this story about the rebirth of Mokomi and her family.

Koshiba Fuka as Shimizu Mokomi
She has possessed delicate senses from a young age which allow her to understand the feelings of objects such as stuffed toys, stones and plants in a fantasy world. As a result of this uncanny ability, she has been treated as a weirdo and scolded and she tries her best not to show this side in front of people. She takes time to express her feelings in words because she thinks she may say strange things. As she is not able to convey them well, she is perceived to have problems communicating and has to live with the label of a person with communication problems. She practically stopped attending to elementary school from fifth grade because she found school life too tiring. Even after graduating from a high school correspondence course, she stayed at home until she was 20. She passes time talking to the things in her own room and daydreaming. That is not to say that she never goes out as her brother Shunsuke often takes her out. She followed her mother Chikako’s suggestion and began a part-time job checking for defective products at a factory from the age of 20.

Kudo Asuka as Shimizu Shunsuke
Shimizu Mokomi’s elder brother. He has taken over the flower shop that his paternal grandfather had been running. He is a kind, cheerful and good older brother who cares about his sister. As a florist, he is familiar to the neighbours, favoured especially by women older than his mother and has many regular customers. He is also a trusted friend and often consulted on matters but there is a side to him that he will never reveal to people … …

Kato Seishiro as Kishida Yuya
He becomes friends with Shimizu Mokomi when she picks up something that he had dropped. She eventually grows to like him. He aspires to be an actor while he does food deliveries part-time.

Tanabe Seiichi as Shimizu Nobuhiro
Shimizu Mokomi’s father who is a tax accountant. He has all sorts of views regarding the children such as their upbringing and education. But even if he tells his wife Chikako, she will not listen to his ideas so he gradually stops talking. Even when he started his own firm, Chikako went to a fortune teller who has a reputation for being accurate to divine the date and place. He really wanted to decide on these things himself but found it a bother to counter her. He seems like a caring husband but his energy has actually been sucked out of him by his wife and he has become lifeless.

Tomita Yasuko as Shimizu Chikako
Shimizu Mokomi’s mother. A housewife who is devoted to the family and a zealous mother. When Mokomi stopped going to school, she sought advice at various places in an attempt to somehow help her daughter to be like a normal child. Although she spent a great deal of time and money, there was no solution. She tries to do what she can for Mokomi but does not realise that she is too interfering and domineering. While she is relieved when Mokomi starts working part-time at the age of 20, she worries that her daughter will shut herself away again.

Hashibe Atsuko (Ghost Writer, Freeter Ie o Kau, Boku Series)

Takezono Hajime, Tsunehiro Jota, Kamada Toshiaki

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