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Kenzaki Motoharu works at Aoi Bank. He has been married to his wife Mio for five years and they have two children. He has one big headache and that is his relationship with Mio which makes him feel small every day. Mio works for a family restaurant but is frustrated that Motoharu does not help with housework or caring for the children. Back in university, Motoharu was Mio’s home tutor. He found her cheerful, cute and feisty and was drawn to her. They got married and at first, they were head over heels in love. But now he is scared of her outbursts. One day, Motoharu is not able to go and pick up the children from nursery school because of urgent work. An angry Mio hurls things at him and kicks him out of the house. Motoharu seeks refuge at the pub that Kida Naoki, his good friend from university days, runs and calls Tsuyama Chiharu, his colleague at the bank, and grumbles that he wants to divorce Mio. This is when he happens to meet Egawa Sayaka, a junior in university who was every male student’s dream girl. They go for a meal and Sayaka reveals that she had liked him during their school days. At that time, Motoharu was also attracted to her but never thought that she liked him too. However, something comes to mind. On the day that Sayaka invited him to a concert back in university, he saw a girl drop her wallet in the bus that he was on and he got off the bus to deliver it to a police box. The girl who dropped the wallet was Mio who was a high school student. He ended up late for his meeting with Sayaka and this incident led to his marriage to Mio. Motoharu regrets his choice back then. One day, he is taking a breather in a park when he encounters a strange man muttering something to himself. Motoharu responds to the words “can go back to the past” and the man hands a 500 yen coin to him. This coin causes Motoharu to suddenly travel back in time to his university days. If he goes back to the past and changes his choice, will changing his wife also transform his life?

Okura Tadayoshi as Kenzaki Motoharu
A senior staff at the Loan Division of Aoi Bank’s Setagaya branch. He has been married for five years and is the father of two children. At work, he is taken to task about improving his performance and when he comes back home exhausted, he gets yelled at by his wife Mio. He feels small every day. Back in university, he was a home tutor to Mio, who was a high school student at the time, and they gradually grew close. He was drawn to her cheerful, cute and feisty nature, but now he lives in fear of her outbursts. He complains every day that she has really changed when he drinks with his colleague Tsuyama Chiharu and good friend Kida Naoki. As Tsuyama seems to be happy even after getting married, he feels that he is the only one who got the short end of the stick. At this juncture, he happens to meet Egawa Sayaka, a junior who was called “goddess” during university days and was the dream girl of male students. She confesses that she liked him and he regrets not choosing her.

Hirose Alice as Kenzaki Mio
Kenzaki Motoharu’s wife. A mother of two children, she struggles with housework, childcare and work, and is exhausted every day. When she was in high school, she fell in love at first sight with Motoharu, who picked up her wallet on the bus and took the trouble to deliver it. She asked him to become her tutor and proactively pursued him, but Motoharu treated her like a child and paid no attention to her. Then her father died suddenly. While relying on Motoharu, who kindly supported her, they started dating without quite realising it. However, now that they are in their fifth year of marriage, Motoharu uses work as an excuse, leaving her with the housework and childcare. He also forgets to pick up the children from the nursery school when she occasionally asks him for a favour. He does not even participate in her father’s memorial service or listen to her worries about her mother. She is stressed to the max as the only parent looking after the children and absolutely loathes him for coming home drunk at the end of an exhausting day. After putting the children to sleep, Mio sighs in the kitchen every day, wondering how things turned out like this.

Takimoto Miori as Egawa Sayaka
The extremely wealthy daughter of the CEO of Seikyu Group, a large Japanese company. Kenzaki Motoharu’s junior in university. She majored in the cello. She was the beauty of the university, and everyone including Motoharu were taken with her. After graduating from university, she went to the United States and joined an orchestra in New York. She eventually returns to Japan for the first time in a long while and happens to meet Motoharu again. She confesses to Motoharu that she used to like him. When Motoharu gets the chance to travel back in time, she becomes his wife and they have a happy marriage. Her worry is that her standard of living does not match that of Motoharu’s. Although she has a faint dream of succeeding as a cellist, she could not find the energy to take on the challenge, so she has been a part-time lecturer teaching cello at university since her marriage to Motoharu.

Matsushita Kohei as Tsuyama Chiharu
A senior staff at the Loan Division of Aoi Bank’s Setagaya branch. He joined the bank at the same time as Motoharu. He is mild-mannered and optimistic. He used to be a playboy and have flashy relationships with women, but he readily got married and is now creating a happy family as a father of twins. He understands Motoharu well, and gets called in the middle of the night to listen to his complaints. After Motoharu travels back in time, he continues to be his colleague at the bank but a certain incident in the past led him to become a bachelor who enjoys carefree romance and single life. However, he meets Tateishi Mio, who is also single, and is intent on her! He pursues her aggressively, but runs into stiff opposition from Motoharu.

Kawaei Rina as Kenzaki Nagisa
Kenzaki Motoharu’s younger sister. She is outspoken and more reliable than her brother. She is also a caring person and has frequently poked her nose into his matters since the past. Worried about her sister-in-law Mio, she assumes the role of her brother’s back-up. She has been taking the civil service exam but keeps failing every year. She searches for other goals but wonders about getting married as she looks at her brother’s married life.

Katahira Nagisa as Tateishi Hisae
Kenzaki Mio’s cheerful and family-oriented mother. However, she could not get over her husband’s sudden death and became mentally unstable, and eventually developed dementia. She is currently living alone and her dementia is progressing. She loves and trusts her daughter’s husband, Motoharu, like her own child. Even though she is suffering from dementia after he travels back in time, she lives with a single Mio and her symptoms have subsided. She has strange extrasensory perception and knows some secret about Motoharu’s time travel?

Namase Katsuhisa as Koike Ryoji
A mysterious man whom Kenzaki Motoharu meets in a park. He hands Motoharu a 500 yen coin from the year 2010 which can change his life, giving him the chance to travel back in time. He has a shady appearance and is often at the park playing a table game alone. There may be some secret in his past.

Original Work
Familiar Wife by Yang Hee-Seung

Hashibe Atsuko (Bokura wa Kiseki de Dekiteiru, Freeter Ie o Kau, Boku no Ikiru Michi Series)

Hijikata Masato

Ending Theme
Kimi to Mitai Sekai by Kanjani8

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