Miyako ga Kyoto ni Yatte Kita!

Miyako Yatte Kita!

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From 11.55 p.m., Sundays, 10 January – 14 February 2021



Kakinoki Kukichi is a capable doctor who runs a small clinic in Kyoto. He specialises in making house calls and is the empathetic sort who will take on anything he is asked. One day, his daughter Miyako, whom he has not met in the 12 years since his divorce, shows up at the clinic. The last time he saw her was when she was 8 years old. The Miyako standing in front of him has turned 20 and is a lovely young woman. Kukichi cannot hide his bewilderment at her sudden appearance in Kyoto. Why has she come to Kyoto? As they stroll around Kamogawa River and temples that are famous sightseeing spots for autumn leaves, Kukichi tries to probe but Miyako keeps sidestepping his questions. Furthermore, the moment she sees autumn leaves, she would take a video of herself with her smartphone and start speaking in fluent English. The mystery deepens more and more. Regardless of his feelings, Miyako declares that they will be living together in Kyoto. Although Kukichi maintains his composure, he is shocked. Father and daughter feel awkward meeting again after 12 years but they gradually begin to understand each other as they come in contact with the beautiful town and the caring people.

Sasaki Kuranosuke as Kakinoki Kukichi
A divorced doctor who runs a small clinic in Kyoto and lives alone.

Fujino Ryoko as Miyano Miyako
Kakinoki Kukichi’s only daughter.

Yuki Kousei as Atsuhiko
A young craftsman at a long-established lantern shop whom Miyano Miyako meets in Kyoto.

Matsumoto Wakana as Sachiko
A woman whom Kakinoki Kukichi once loved.

Ichikawa Ennosuke as Junpei
Kakinoki Kukichi’s childhood friend who runs a sake brewery.

Imai Masako (Soko o Nantoka Series, Bitter Sugar)

Chiba Yukitoshi

Theme Song
I Love My Daughter by BREAKERZ

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