NHK Drama Special 2021 ~ Rising Jakuchu


Date: From 7.20 – 8.35 p.m., 2 January 2021
Scriptwriter: Minamoto Takashi (Kaidan Botan Doro, Liquid, Kamisama no Boat)
Director: Minamoto Takashi
Cast: Nakamura Shichinosuke, Nagayama Eita, Nakagawa Taishi, Daito Shunsuke, Kadowaki Mugi, Watanabe Dai, Ichikawa Enya, Kimura Yuichi, Kato Toranosuke, Nagashima Toshiyuki, Ishibashi Renji
Synopsis: It is the Horeki era between 1751 and 1764. The monk Daiten Kenjo (Nagayama Eita) of Shokokuji Temple in Kyoto arrives at a toy shop where Iwajiro (Nakagawa Taishi), later known as Maruyama Oukyo, is serving his apprenticeship. Daiten becomes interested in a mysterious painting in the shop. The person who drew it is Masuya Genzaemon (Nakamura Shichinosuke), the owner of a vegetable shop at Nishiki Market. Genzaemon has completely no interest in women and traditional performing arts but is thoroughly engrossed in painting which he started at an advanced age. On one occasion, Genzaemon happens to meet a mysterious mountain hermit Baisao (Ishibashi Renji) making tea on the street and is given the name Jakuchu. It is also through Baisao’s introduction that he makes the acquaintance of Daiten. Jakuchu and Daiten are strongly drawn to each other from their first meeting and form a tight bond. Daiten tells Jakuchu, “I want you to draw all things in this world”. Jakuchu thus devotes himself to studying the copies of paintings in Kyoto temples through arrangements made by Daiten. His deep and close interactions with stimulating men with a keen sense of beauty such as Daiten, Ikeno Taiga (Daito Shunsuke) and Oukyo that awakened his talent for painting – a talent for painting the world of living things with a marvellous technique like no other. Jakuchu’s masterpiece called Doshokusai-e, a collection of 30 paintings which depicts all living things in the great universe, is the culmination of the two men’s quest for the ideal of beauty as well as a reflection of their love and friendship.

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