Toshi no Sakon

Toshi Sakon

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From 1.28 a.m., Wednesdays, 16 December 2020 – 10 February 2021



24-year-old Murakami Maiko is a very sheltered girl who has never had a relationship with a guy. It is decided that she will go for a matchmaking session with someone recommended by her father Genichiro who owns a company. The man Hanasato Harumi is 20 years her senior and also a divorcee. Although Maiko is less than thrilled, she discovers when they meet that he is a charming man with an air of maturity and she instinctively makes a move on him. Harumi had intended to meet Maiko once before he turned her down since she is the daughter of the CEO of an important client. However, she turns out to be more than he had imagined. Maiko confounds him the whole time but he is attracted to her straightforward, pure and dignified nature. He accepts the completed marriage registration form from her on their third date after she presses him for a kiss. They get married despite their 20-year age gap, and their life as newly weds begins.

Aoi Wakana as Murakami Maiko
The daughter of a wealthy man. She is a novice at romance. Her heart flutters on the day she meets Hanasato Harumi whom her father had recommended for the matchmaking session, and she makes a move on him.

Takezai Terunosuke as Hanasato Harumi
A handsome middle-aged divorcee who has been a business acquaintance of Murakami Maiko’s father Genichiro since long ago. He ends up going for a matchmaking session with Maiko. He eventually succumbs to her furious pursuit and they get married.

Fukikoshi Mitsuru as Murakami Genichiro
Murakami Maiko’s father. The CEO of the trading company Muragen. He likes the salesman Hanasato Harumi and introduces him to his daughter.

Matsumoto Wakana as Nishimura Miyuki
Hanasato Harumi’s ex-wife. A career woman who works for a trading company. She is full of mature charm that Maiko lacks.

Kawai Aoba as Takeda Yukari
Murakami Maiko’s boss at the architect firm where she works. She is personally married to a man 10 years her junior. She is a dependable senior to Maiko even outside of work and gives her advice on love.

Onodera Akira as Rion
Murakami Maiko’s second cousin. He is an apprentice chef who had been undergoing training in Italian cuisine but suddenly returns to Japan and shows up at Maiko and Hanasato Harumi’s place.

Yoshino Hokuto as Ichinose Sean
Murakami Maiko’s former university classmate. He is an up-and-coming designer of spaces and someone whom Hanasato Harumi gets jealous of.

Original Work
Toshi no Sakon by Nakama Atsuki

Nejime Saeki (Jigoku no Girlfriend, Minshuu no Teki)
Matsui Kana(Biblia Koshodo no Jiken Techou, Ito-kun A to E)

Hiroki Ryuichi, Inaba Hirofumiu

Ending Theme
To-Ke-Te by Han-Kun

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