TV Tokyo Drama Special 2020 ~ Onibi Keishichou Kyoukouhan-gakari Higuchi Akira

Date: From 8.00 p.m., 14 December 2020
Original Work: Onibi Keishichou Kyoukouhan-gakari Higuchi Akira by Konno Bin
Scriptwriter: Manabe Chiaki (Tokusou 9 Seasons 1 – 2, Shitsuji Saionji no Suiri Series, Deiri Kinshi no Onna)
Director: Kodama Yoshihisa
Cast: Naito Takashi, Yada Akiko, Nakamura Shizuka, Aizawa Rina, Sano Gaku, Katayama Moemi, Komatsu Toshimasa, Saito Satoru, Enoki Takaaki, Maehara Ko, Naganuma Ikuya, Miyata Sanae, Koyanagi Yukimi, Dandy Sakano, Washio Machiko, Kawakami Maiko, Nakahara Takeo, Sano Shiro       
Synopsis: A dead man discovered in front of an abandoned building is believed to have fallen to his death. Higuchi Akira (Naito Takashi) from the First Investigation Division’s Violent Crimes Section of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department rushes over. According to Tojo Yojiro (Nakahara Takeo) from Shingawa Chuo Police Precinct’s Violent Crimes Section, the victim Ishikura Shugo (Naganuma Ikuya) was arrested last month. He had been caught redhanded for vandalising a building with graffiti. Charges were filed against him but he had insisted it was wall art. There are still traces of his attempted graffiti at the scene. Tojo regards this as an accidental death while Ishikura was attempting to do his graffiti. However, Higuchi notices internal bleeding in his arm that is not consistent with a fall. Among the curious onlookers at the scene of the incident is Endo Takako (Yada Akiko), a reporter from Toyo Shimbun’s local news desk. She unexpectedly leaves without asking Higuchi anything. Why was she at this location? As Ishikura’s questionable behaviour comes to light, it becomes increasingly likely that he was murdered.
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