Imawa no Kuni no Alice Season 1


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From 10 December 2020


Netflix Japan

Arisu Ryohei is unemployed and frustrated with daily life which he finds unbearable. Constantly compared with his brilliant younger brother by his father and treated as the loser in the family, the only people who give him strength are his two good friends Segawa Chota, who is a company employee, and Karube Daikichi, who is a bartender. One day, while Arisu is hanging around Shibuya with Chota and Karube, a mysterious light radiates. When they realise it, all signs of life around them have suddenly vanished. Despite feeling uneasy about the situation, the three of them exult in the sense of liberation with no one around. However, they have been tossed into a grim world known as the Borderland, where an extreme game of survival is being waged, without even knowing the reason. Arisu, Chota and Karube have to clear the game in order to survive in this world. The genres are determined by the four playing card symbols displayed on their smart phones. Clubs for teamwork, Diamonds for intellectual, Spades for physical, and Hearts for psychological. The rule of the game is that if they clear a genre and obtain a “visa”, their days of life is tied to the number on the playing card. A series of games begin one after another in an empty Tokyo where one wrong move will cause them their lives. Arisu and his friends have to fight tooth and nail in the face of challenges that defy logic. He encounters a mountaineer called Usagi Yuzuha in the game. She does not make friends and has continued to tackle this game alone. The two of them establish trust in this mysterious Borderland and decide to team up with others in a bid to survive … …

* Yamazaki Kento as Arisu Ryohei
* Tsuchiya Tao as Usagi Yuzuha
* Murakami Nijiro as Chishiya Shuntaro
* Morinaga Yuki as Segawa Chota
* Machida Keita as Karube Daikichi
* Miyoshi Ayaka as An Rizuna
* Sakurada Dori as Niragi Suguru
* Asahina Aya as Kuina
* Yanagi Shuntaro as Rasubosu (Samura Takatora)
* Kaneko Nobuaki as Boshiya (Danma Takeru)
* Aoyagi Sho as Aguni Morizono
* Watanabe Yutaro as Tatta Kodai
* Misaki Ayame as Shibuki Saori
* Yoshida Mizuki as Kujo Asahi
* Abe Tsuyoshi as Kuzuryu Keiichi
* Naka Riisa as Kano Mira

Original Work
Imawa no Kuni no Arisu by Aso Haro

Watabe Yoshiki
Kuramitsu Yasuko (Scandal Senmon Bengoshi Queen, Keiji Yugami)
Sato Shinsuke

Sato Shinsuke

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