Takeuchi Ryoma no Satsukyuu

TR Satsukyu

Official Website

From 12.00 a.m., Saturdays, 7 November – 25 December 2020


Takeuchi Ryoma suddenly gets a break from filming dramas and movies. He intends to make curry and visits a spice shop. Its beautiful owner Kaoru is there and he tells her that he wants to make a spice curry. As she coaches him on the spices, the two of them unexpectedly end up making curry together. Ryoma gets distracted by Kaoru who seems somehow vulnerable and close. Then a man arrives at the shop all of a sudden … … Ryoma is at home sleeping during his break from filming when Asami comes over uninvited. She unreasonably demands to eat curry which is his signature dish. He has no choice but to go out to buy the spices. When Ryoma enters a supermarket, the employees whisper among themselves. He strains to hear them but all he hears is the name of a different actor. He is slightly taken aback but he quickly pulls himself together and heads to the next shop but … …

* Takeuchi Ryoma as Takeuchi Ryoma
* Koike Eiko as Kaoru (Ep 1)
* Shibukawa Kiyohiko as Man (Ep 1)
* Fujino Ryoko as Asami (Ep 2)
* Matsumoto Honoka as Yamamoto Niina (Ep 3)
* Sano Hayato as Takeuchi Yuma (Ep 3)
* Satsukawa Aimi as Konno Yuna (Ep 4)
* Fujiwara Kisetsu as Uyama Shigeo (Ep 4)
* Fuji Sumiko as Sumako (Ep 5)
* Matsumoto Marika as Matsumoto Marika (Ep 6)
* Yamamoto Hiroshi as Yamamoto Hiroshi (Ep 6)
* Okabe Takashi as Deliveryman (Ep 7)
* Morikawa Aoi as Saeki Miho (Ep 8)
* Yoshikura Kaito as Sakurai (Ep 8)
* Iketani Nobue as Kominato
* Kuroda Daisuke as Hatakeyama

* Shuto Rin (Ep 1)
* Inukai Kyoko (Onna Tomodachi, Boukyaku no Sachiko) (Ep 2)
* Date Sorami (Raise de wa Chanto Shimasu, Coffee and Vanilla) (Ep 3)
* Tamada Shinya (400,000 km Kanata no Koi, Joker x Face) (Ep 4)
* Peyoung Maki (Raise de wa Chanto Shimasu, Arimura Kasumi no Satsukyu) (Ep 5)
* Takemura Takeshi (Kono Manga ga Sugoi, Yamada Takayuki no Tokyo-to Kita-ku Akabane) (Ep 6)
* Fujiki Mitsuhiko (Arimura Kasumi no Satsukyu, Byplayers Series) (Ep 7)
* Matsumoto Tetsuya (Ashita no Joe, Space Battleship Yamato) (Ep 8)

Theme Song
Holiday by Hirai Dai

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