Satsui no Michinori

Satsui Michinori

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From 12.00 a.m., Tuesdays, 10 November – 22 December 2020


Kubota Takaki is the boss of a small metal working company. One day, he loses everything after he falls for the smooth talking of Murooka Yoshiyuki, the CEO of a client company, and left heavily in debt. Plunged into despair, he throws himself off the rooftop of a building. Although the family takes Murooka to court, he gets away without punishment and continues to live a comfortable life of wealth. Kubota’s son Kazuma vows revenge on him and plots the perfect crime with Azuma Mitsuru, a younger cousin whom his father had treated like a son. But even murder requires preparation. It is unchartered territory for the two of them who have never been involved in crime and things do not turn out quite well. However, they get assistance from various people they trust including Kazuma’s good friend Shigemori Hayato, a hostess Konoha whom Shigemori is familiar with and a fellow hostess Yuzuki. It is a hard struggle but they start to explore methods for murder. Where do they plot the murder? What are the essential materials? How do they carry it out? Will Kazuma and Mitsuru be able to get their revenge?

Iura Arata as Kubota Kazuma
He and his cousin Azuma Mitsuru plot to take revenge for his father’s death.

Bakarhythm as Azuma Mitsuru
Kubota Kazuma’s cousin. He and Kazuma vow to take revenge on Murooka Yoshiyuki.

Tsurumi Shingo as Murooka Yoshiyuki
The CEO of Good M. He drove Kubota Kazuma’s father Takaki to suicide.

Hino Yojin as Kubota Takaki
Kubota Kazuma’s father. He lost everything after he accepted an order from Murooka Yoshiyuki’s company.

Hotta Mayu as Konoha
She is very knowledgeable about murder and crime, and gives Kubota Kazuma and Azuma Mitsuru all sorts of advice.

Sakuma Yui as Yuzuki
Konoha’s colleague and good friend. She is good at fortune-telling.

Kaai Gamon as Shigemori Hayato
Kubota Kazuma’s good friend and classmate. He provides a workplace for them to have a meeting about the revenge plan.

Bakarhythm (Sumu Sumu Series, Sutekina Sentaxi, Kakuu OL Nikki)

Sumida Takashi

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