TV Tokyo Yokoyama Hideo Drama Special 2020 ~ Monochrome no Hanten

Date: From 8.00 p.m., 9 November 2020
Original Work: Monochrome no Hanten by Yokoyama Hideo
Scriptwriter: Aoshima Takeshi (dele)
Director: Aso Manabu
Cast: Kishitani Goro, Nakamura Toru, Fukushi Seiji, Niiyama Chiharu, Hirayama Yusuke, Iida Kisuke, Horibe Keisuke, Konno Hiroki, Ishigaki Yuma, Imai Yuki         
Synopsis: Yumioka Yuzo (Yonemura Ryotaro), his wife Yoko (Niiyama Chiharu) and their 5-year-old son are murdered in a stabbing case in the mountainous region in northwestern part of Yamanashi Prefecture. The Violent Crimes Investigation Unit’s Team Three led by Murase Kyoichi (Kishitani Goro) who has the best instinct, goes into action. However, Tabata (Hirata Mitsuru) who heads the First Investigation Division, also mobilises Team 1 led by Kuchiki Yasumasa (Nakamura Toru), the man who does not smile. It is an unusual situation for two conflicting teams to be on one case. Kuchiki fumes that it is Team 1’s case if Team 1 comes on board while Murase gives his team a pep talk, calling Team 1 termites and warning that the case will be consuming. Murase looks around the crime scene and puts his instincts to work. Kuchiki’s team obtain an eyewitness report about a suspicious-looking white car from a resident Yasuda Akihisa (Imai Yuki). Meanwhile, Murase heads to over to see Yoko’s classmates Kumejima (Fukushi Seiji) and Mochida (Ishigaki Yuma) who are junior high school teachers. The two stubborn and proud men clash with each other. Will Murase or Kuchiki be the first to get to the truth?
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