Sensei o Kesu Houteishiki

Sensei o Kesu

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From 11.00 p.m., Saturdays, 31 October – 19 December 2020

TV Asahi

A teacher called Yoshizawa Tsuneo arrives at a famous private high school. It is a school that many children of government officials and affluent people attend and has a high percentage of students who go on to Tokyo University. Yoshizawa will be the form teacher of Class 3D, a class of students with outstanding academic results, from today. He is told by Yorita Asahi, Class 3D’s assistant form teacher, that this is a very problematic class and three form teachers quit in the span of six months. According to Yorita, the students have wealthy parents of high status including Fujiwara Toya whose father is a top prosecutor, Nagai Yumi whose mother is a famous doctor, Oki Nagi whose father is the CEO of a popular restaurant chain, and Tsurugi Riki whose father is the CEO of a major construction company and uncle is a politician. Besides the kind and popular Toya, the other three take advantage of their parents’ clout to do as they please. When Yoshizawa enters the classroom, all the students except Toya are studying by themselves and refuse to listen to his greetings. Although Yumi, Nagi and Riki assume an attitude of defiance, Yoshizawa does not care at all and talks about his cherished equation with a smile, “If you laugh every day, good luck will follow”. The rebellious students soon get increasingly irritated with Yoshizawa who remains unperturbed and keeps smiling no matter how they harass him. At last the school’s greatest troublemaker Riki carries out a dangerous attack on Yoshizawa. This is the moment when the battle between Yoshizawa and the students begins with a bang.

Tanaka Kei as Yoshizawa Tsuneo
A mathematics teacher who takes up a position at the famous private high school. He is often called Yoshitsune because of his name. His motto is “If you smile, happiness will follow” and he is always smiling. He teaches students with a smile but that soon incurs their enmity and they try to kill him.

Yamada Yuki as Yorita Asahi
The assistant form teacher of Class 3D which Yoshizawa Tsuneo is in charge of. He is popular with the students because he is a pleasant guy. He immediately becomes friendly with Yoshizawa and worries about him for taking charge of a class with many students who are very difficult to deal with but … …

Takahashi Fumiya as Fujiwara Toya
The best student in school. He has a high IQ and unlike the other rebellious students, he is the only one who stands by Yoshizawa Tsuneo and tries to stop the students from driving him into a corner. His father is a top prosecutor.

Kubota Sayu as Nagai Yumi
A student who is excellent in her studies and considered to be assured a place in Tokyo University. She is a popular influencer with more than 200,000 followers. As her mother is a famous doctor, she has strong connections with politicians.

Takahashi Nao as Tsurugi Riki
His father is the CEO of a major construction company and uncle is a politician. He is the most difficult student who is allowed to behave violently because his parent donates a large sum to the school. He bullies weak students and teachers and lives for controlling people.

Akiya Ikuho as Ibuki Mei
A student who has been a social recluse for more than six months and never comes to school. He shuts himself in his room and looks up things that show signs of the occult such as black magic and urban legends.

Tezuka Toru as Sakura Kiyoshi
The principal. He welcomes Yoshizawa Tsuneo to the school after a string of form teachers of Class 3D quit one after another.

Matsumoto Marika as Maeno Shizuka
Yoshizawa Tsuneo’s girlfriend. She is a high school teacher like Yoshizawa. She has a strong sense of justice and is empathetic to students. She and Yoshizawa are already living together with a view to marriage.

Suzuki Osamu (M Ai Subeki Hito ga Ite, Ubai Ai Series, Meishi Game)

Komatsu Takashi

Theme Song
Searchlight by Akiyama Kiiro


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