Hama no Asahi no Usotsuki domo to

Hama no Asahi

Date: From 6.50 p.m., 30 October 2020
Scriptwriter: Tanada Yuki (Romance Doll, Hyaku Man En to Nigamushi Onna, Sakuran)
Director: Tanada Yuki
Cast: Takehara Pistol, Takahata Mitsuki, Koyanagi Yu, Musaka Naomasa, Yanagiya Kyotaro, Yoshiyuki Kazuko
Synopsis: 39-year-old Kawashima Kenji (Takehara Pistol) is a struggling movie director whose dream has shattered. He has lost the desire to live and has been wandering about. Wanting to watch his favourite movie before he dies, Kawashima finds his way to an old movie theatre known as Asahiza in the city of Minami Soma in Fukushima Prefecture. Motegi Riko (Takahata Mitsuki) works as a ticket collector and pilfers money from the admission fee paid by movie goers, while Morita Yasuzo (Yanagiya Kyotaro) is the theatre’s talkative manager. Kawashima feels a sense of comfort watching their raucous daily routine and the movie theatre which is like New Cinema Paradise where two famous classics are screened for movie goers. He decides to stay in the city for a while. One day, a rich, elderly widow called Matsuyama Hideko (Yoshiyuki Kazuko), who is a regular movie goer at Asahiza, asks Kawashima to produce a movie that will benefit Minami Soma. His pride twinges for the dream that he gave up. As Kawashima wavers over his decision, another movie director Fujita Shinji (Koyanagi Yu) shows up, saying that he wants to make a tragic documentary movie in Minami Soma. Fukushima was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake 10 years ago, suffered damage from Typhoon Hagibis last year and has to deal with the coronavirus outbreak now … …
Official Website: www.fct.co.jp/50th_drama
Twitter: twitter.com/chutere_drama

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1 Response to Hama no Asahi no Usotsuki domo to

  1. Zdorama Again says:

    Oooh, I get a real “Utahime” vibe from this one!!!

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