Talio Fukushuu Daikou no Futari


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From 10.00 p.m., Fridays, 9 October – 20 November 2020


Shirasawa Mami made use of the preliminary qualifying exam system to become a lawyer at the age of 20 and got a job at a major law firm. Despite her good knowledge of the law, she does not get cases because she is inexperienced and stubborn. One day, Mami is put in charge of a troublesome case that a senior lawyer had dropped. The client Watanuki Eriko was sexually assaulted by the son of the owner of a large construction company but he was able to distort the truth with money and power. Eriko lost the case as a result. She searched the internet and decided to ask a sketchy guy who acts as a agent for revenge to retaliate. However, there was no news from him even after she transferred money to his account. Convinced that Eriko has been scammed, Mami instructs her to lure him out in order to deal with him with the law. This man is a swindler called Kuroiwa Kensuke. Mami and Kuroiwa unexpectedly team up to take revenge on scoundrels like Eriko’s attacker at the request of victims.

Hamabe Minami as Shirasawa Mami
A former lawyer who has a strong sense of justice. Despite her knowledge of the law, she is stubborn and knows nothing about the real world. After a strange turn of events, she teams up with a swindler called Kuroiwa Kensuke to carry out acts of revenge.

Okada Masaki as Kuroiwa Kensuke
A cunning swindler who is a self-proclaimed business consultant. He is sharp but has a tendency of not following through, which makes his business as a swindler rather unprofitable.

Makita Mitsuharu (White Lab, Hard Nuts, Trick Series)
Takimoto Tomoyuki (dele, Tenshi to Akuma)
Watanabe Yusuke (Miman Keisatsu, dele, Rental Kyuseishu)
Tokunaga Tomihiko (Keiji 7-nin Series, Beshari Gurashi, dele)

Kimura Hisashi, Yamamoto Toru

Theme Song
Kanashi Kurai Diamond by Ryusenkei/Hitomitoi

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