Curry no Uta

Curry no Uta

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From 12.00 a.m., Thursdays, 1 October – 17 December 2020

dTV & Hikari TV

Amasawa Yoichiro was abandoned by his parents but grew up strong. He has been roaming around the world on his own. One day, a penniless and homeless Yoichiro stands in front of a curry shop but cannot go inside without any money. When he visits an old apartment, he is accosted by Kiyokawa Kaoruko who runs Kiyokawa Realty. Kaoruko seems to be keeping the ashes of Yoichiro’s late father because she used to be the caretaker of his apartment. Meanwhile, a shy university student Suzuki Nita who hopes to become an artist is on campus. While staring at another student Mori Madoka from afar, he notices someone had dropped and left something behind. Some trouble leads to Yoichiro’s encounter with Nita in the back alley of a shopping street. Yoichiro makes Nita buy him curry on the grounds that he saved him, and mutters briefly about his family. The ties between these two young men gradually grow deeper through curry. There appears to be some significant reason why Yoichiro tries out curry every day. Each time he encounters people with worries, he eats curry specialties together with them and resolves their concerns.

Mitsushima Shinnosuke as Amasawa Yoichiro
A young man who was abandoned by his parents and has been wandering the world alone. There is a reason why he goes around trying curry every day.

Suzuka Ouji as Suzuki Nita
A shy university student who aspirates to become an artist. He feels inferior to his outstanding younger brother.

Moriguchi Yoko as Kiyokawa Kaoruko
She runs Kiyokawa Realty in a traditional neighbourhood. She is a compassionate person and helps Amasawa Yoichiro who has no relatives. She has been keeping the ashes of his late father.

Deguchi Natsuki as Mori Madoka
A student who attends the same university as Suzuki Nita. She is the person whom he has a crush on.

Yamazaki Sahoko

Seta Natsuki, Shimazoe Ryo, Kaneko Isao

Theme Song

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