100 Million Yen no Sayonara


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From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 27 September – 15 November 2020

NHK BS Premium

52-year-old Kano Teppei is a salaryman who works for a healthcare-related company. His family life with his wife Natsuyo and their two children Mika and Kohei is ordinary but happy. Then Teppei inadvertently discovers Natsuyo’s shocking secret. 30 years ago, she received a huge inheritance from an aunt before they got married. This amount has grown to a staggering 4.8 billion yen through savvy investment and has been left untouched in a bank account. Teppei wonders why Natsuyo has kept this from him all through their 22 years of marriage. He searches his memories of their younger days. As he begins to question his relationship with her and their children, their lives begin to unravel. Teppei experiences a slew of problems at home and at work. Hurt after learning some facts, Teppei sets off on a trip to his hometown of Kanazawa and throws himself into a new routine in a bid to get his life back. What will he be able to find in the second-half battle of his life?

Kamikawa Takaya/Matsumura Hokuto as Kano Teppei
A salaryman who works for a healthcare-related company. He met his wife Natsuyo at a hospital that he visited for work and was attracted to her. Although he is not wealthy, he thought he had built a happy family. However, when he learns that Natsuyo received a huge inheritance, this rattles his daily life. He makes a decision after experiencing ups and downs in the company.

Yasuda Narumi/Morita Misato as Kano Natsuyo
Kano Teppei’s wife who works as a nurse at a hospital. She met her husband Teppei when he visited the hospital for sales and broke off her relationship with Kiuchi Masatane. She is a thrifty person and tries hard to manage the household budget. But she has known for quite a while that she received a huge inheritance and this greatly changes her family’s life. She has supported Teppei throughout her life. What final decision will she make?

Miyama Karen as Kano Mika
Kano Teppei and Natsuyo’s daughter. She has been attending a nursing school but causes an incident that surprises her parents.

Sakumoto Takara as Kano Kohei
Kano Teppei and Natsuyo’s daughter. He is a medical student but suddenly says that he wants to start a business.

Okunuki Kaoru as Fujiki Namie
Kano Teppei’s childhood friend. She runs a small restaurant in their hometown.

Takeda Shinji as Kiuchi Masatane
The head of the medical office at a hospital that a young Kano Teppei visited for sales. He continued dating Natsuyo even though he was already married and made Teppei anxious. Eventually their positions change. He continues to be connected to Teppei later in life.

Original Work
Ichi-oku-en no Sayonara by Shiraishi Kazufumi

Watanabe Mako (Monroe ga Shinda Hi, Pretty ga Oosugiru, Akutotachi wa Senri o Hashiru)
supervised by Okada Yoshikazu (Soshite Ikiru, Hiyokko, Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni)

Kawamura Taisuke, Murakami Makito, Yamauchi Munenobu

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