Kiwadoi Futari ~ K2 Ikebukurosho Keijika Kanzaki . Kuroki


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From 10.00 p.m., Fridays, 11 September – 16 October 2020


Kanzaki Ryuichi is a career detective who has been assigned to Ikebukuro Police Precinct’s Violent Crimes Unit. On his first day at work, Kuroki Kenji, the senior detective who is supposed to be his partner, is absent without notice. Kanzaki is ordered by Suenaga Koichi, who heads the unit, to track Kuroki down. Kanzaki finds Kuroki’s bloodstained notebook next to tyre marks that indicate someone had slammed on the car brakes. In addition, he gets a phone call from Kuroki who is concealing his whereabouts from the Violent Crimes Unit. Kuroki says he got caught up in a kidnapping … … Kanzaki is compassionate and earnest but gets too meddlesome sometimes. His strong belief that people have more good qualities than bad ones becomes an advantage in overcoming difficulties. On the other hand, Kuroki tops the precinct’s arrest rate because he has the best instincts and perceptiveness. His suspicion of people is his weapon in deciphering cases. There are times when he takes an unprecedented approach in the investigation that breaks the rules, and also gets Kanzaki involved in dangerous investigations. The two of them tackle the brutal crimes that occur in the streets of Ikebukuro together. But they have completely opposite personalities, values and investigation methods which leads to conflicts each time there is an investigation. However, they have a secret. They are step brothers with different mothers.

Yamada Ryosuke as Kanzaki Ryuichi
A new detective with Ikebukuro Police Precinct’s Violent Crimes Unit. He became a detective because he looked up to his father Kenzo who was a police officer and inherited his strong sense of justice. A compassionate and earnest person, he gets too meddlesome sometimes. He believes people have more good qualities than bad ones.

Tanaka Kei as Kuroki Kenji
A detective with Ikebukuro Police Precinct’s Violent Crimes Unit. Although he is unconventional, he has the top arrest rate because he has the best instincts and perceptiveness. He usually seems carefree but he is even willing to sacrifice himself to protect anyone.

Shiina Kippei as Kanzaki Kenzo
The father of Kanzaki Ryuichi and Kuroki Kenji. A former police officer, he moved to Nagano Prefecture after his retirement and runs a handmade soba shop.

Sekimizu Nagisa as Mysterious Woman
An employee of an Ikebukuro girls bar that Kuroki Kenji frequents. There is something more to her entanglement in the kidnapping case on Kanzaki Ryuichi’s first day. After that, she gets deeply involved in Kuroki and Kanzaki’s investigation of the case.

Jesse as Morohoshi Ichiro
A detective with Ikebukuro Police Precinct’s Violent Crimes Unit, he is a competent young man who was immediately assigned from a police box to the Criminal Affairs Division. He is able to look at look at things calmly and is quick to catch on and to respond.

Eguchi Noriko as Kimura Tomoko
A detective with Ikebukuro Police Precinct’s Violent Crimes Unit. She is like the reliable older sister. Although she has keen insight and quickly notices the slightest changes, her philosophy is not to pry unnecessarily.

Yashima Norito as Suenaga Koichi
The overall head of Ikebukuro Police Precinct ‘s Violent Crimes Unit. Even though he twisted around by Kuroki Kenji and Kanzaki Ryuichi, he has expectations of them. When the two of them start to do anything disturbing, he is unable to stop his cold sweat.

Original Work
K2 Ikebukurosho Keijika Kanzaki . Kuroki by Yokozeki Dai

Yoshida Yasuhiro (Cold Case Series, Poison Daughter Holy Mother, In Hand)
Satsuki Aya (Douki no Sakura)

Yamamuro Daisuke, Murao Yoshiaki

Theme Song
Your Song by Hey! Say! JUMP

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