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Second year student Onoda Shizuru gets her wish to live in a one-room apartment near her university in Kyoto when she turns 20. Before that, she used to commute from home to the university. Despite her father Kuranosuke’s opposition, her mother Utako and good friend Miyazawa Momoka are supportive of this move. On the day she starts living alone, something is pushed through the newspaper slot of her apartment door at midnight. The paper bears the characters Kyoufu Shimbun, otherwise known as Horror News. It contains an article written about a young woman who will jump to her death on a date several days later. Shizuru witnesses the suicide of a high school girl on her way back to her apartment after finishing her part-time delivery job. The scene was exactly what was in the paper. Meanwhile, detective Shinozaki Rintaro from Kyoto Higashi Police Precinct takes an interest in an elderly man who was photographed at the scene of the incident and visits Shizuru. A new copy of Kyoufu Shimbun is delivered. This time, it foretells the death of her father. However, it seems that only she can see the paper. At first, she thinks it is a prank but the occurence of successive incidents as written in the newspaper, makes her begin to believe in it. Kyoufu Shimbun is believed to shorten a person’s life span by a 100 days each day it is read. Shizuru’s promising university life drastically turns into a deadly nightmare. As illogical horror happens to her one after another, she has to face up to her own insecurities.

Shiraishi Sei as Onoda Shizuru
A second year university student in Kyoto. She had an argument with her father Kuranosuke about living on her own and they ended up cutting ties. Although her mother tries to mediate, she has not ventured home due to the awkward situation. Wanting to be independent, she starts working part-time for a bicycle home-delivery service after living alone. She is direct and has fortitude. She may not be the type who has many friends but she trusts her good friend Miyazawa Momoka. Although she half believes Kyoufu Shimbun’s calamities that have befallen suddenly, some incident makes her to stand against these absurdities and attempt to change her fate. In the process, she gets close to determining the root cause.

Sato Taiki as Matsuda Yusuke
Onoda Shizuru’s boyfriend who is juggling three part-time jobs. He is a little cynical but he is kind at heart. He works part-time for a delivery service. This is how he meets Shizuru and falls in love with her. He gets involved with Kyoufu Shimbun which drastically changes his life as a result. This absurd situation exposes his weaknesses and ego which leads to complicated interpersonal relationships.

Suruga Taro as Shinozaki Rintaro
A detective of Kyoto Higashi Police Precinct. He notices the presence of Ninagawa Toya who shows up at the scene of incomprehensible incidents and accidents and starts to independently investigate the connection between these cases. When he learns about Kyoufu Shimbun’s existence, he attempts to stop the chain of negativity somehow. However, he finds out about its possible “power” and eventually tries to make use of it.

Katayama Yuki as Miyazawa Momoka
Onoda Shizuru’s childhood friend and a student who attends the same university. She takes care of Shizuru when she starts living on her own. She possibly yields easily to men because she always needs to be with someone. At first, she supports Shizuru’s relationship with Matsuda Yusuke but she is gradually attracted to him. There is something questionable about her concern for Shizuru’s welfare.

Kuroki Hitomi as Onoda Utako
Onoda Shizuru’s cheerful and positive mother. She is into fengshui. She is the pillar of the family, and inserts herself between her single-minded daughter and boorish husband. She actually has a strong sense of justice and will not tolerate anything unreasonable. When she discovers Kyoufu Shimbun’s existence, she gets into action driven by her own motivations.

Yokota Eiji as Onoda Kuranosuke
Onoda Shizuru’s father. He runs a coffee shop in the outskirts of Kyoto. A boorish, old-fashioned man who is not good at talking. He once tried to go into acting but it seems that he gave up his dream due to Shizuru’s birth. He has a secret regarding her birth.

Ino Manabu as Ninagawa Toya
A man whom detective Shinozaki Rintaro calls Death after seeing him repeatedly at the scene of incomprehensible incidents and accidents. He was Kyoufu Shimbun’s previous subscriber. The newspaper’s curse has been transferred to Onoda Shizuru and he has been freed from the chain of horror. However, his life span has already been shortened and he keeps throwing up blood. He hints at Shizuru’s fate.

Original Work
Kyoufu Shimbun by Tsunoda Jiro

Takayama Naoya (Two Weeks, Saigo no Restaurant, Shi no Zouki)

Nakata Hideo, Hattori Daiji, Inoue Masanori

Theme Song

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