Toki o Kakeru Band

Toki o Kakeru Band

Official Website

From 12.00 p.m., Wednesdays, 19 August 2020

Fuji on Demand & Youku

It is the year 2006 in Tokyo. A three-piece girl band called Chahan comprising vocalist and guitarist Ebana Yuki, bassist Kato Shiori and drummer Murakami Toko fail the audition to continue their training contract with their record label FMR. They are told by Yanashita Yuichi, the boss of FMR, that their contract will be terminated if they do not succeed in selling the entire inventory of 500 CDs within three days. The three of them adjourn to the ramen shop run by Toko’s parents to evaluate their situation but end up getting into a quarrel. A mysterious, good-looking man Ryo is led into the shop by Toko’s mother Yoshie. He has only just been acquainted with her but they have quickly become friends. Claiming to be a music producer, Ryo says he watched the band’s performance at the audition and points out that they would 120% not sell well if they go on like this. They challenge his assumption that they will be unsuccessful and he unexpectedly tells them that he comes from the future to be their producer and will teach them how to sell the 500 CD copies in three days. Yuki turns down his offer and tries to sell the CDs on her own. However, it is no surprise that she fails at it. Then Ryo shows up and does something to prove to her that he comes from the future. Yuki is half-convinced but gives her word to make him the producer if the 500 CDs sell out in three days. Will this mysterious, unconventional producer be able to help the band make their major debut? Yuki, Shiori and Toko band closer together as they endure each of the tests Ryo puts them through and there is an unexpected hint of romance as they live under the same roof with him.

* Miura Shohei as Ryo
* Shiraishi Sei as Ebana Yuki
* Nagai Mijika as Kato Shiori
* Ohara Yuno as Murakami Toko
* Itagaki Mizuki as Seiichi
* Watanabe Hiroyuki as Yanashita Yuichi

Original Work
Toki o Kakeru Band by Lee Soo Ah

Tamada Shinya (Densetsu no Okaasan, 40-man km Kanata no Koi, Joker x Face)
Miura Naoyuki (Fujoshi Ukkari Gay ni Kokuru, Koekoi)
Shimoda Yuko (Peanut Butter Sandwich, Sutete yo Adachi-san, Coffee & Vanilla)
Date-san(40-man km Kanata no Koi, Love Distance, Peanut Butter Sandwich)

Smith, Tsubakimoto Keijiro, Totsuka Hiroto

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