TV Tokyo Drama Special 2020 ~ Kioku Sousa

Kioku Sousa 2020

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 27 July 2020
Scriptwriter: Sakurai Takeharu (Operation Z, Kami no Shita o Motsu Otoko, Kasouken no Onna Seasons 9 – 19)
Director: Tsukamoto Renpei
Cast: Kitaoji Kinya, Kazama Shunsuke, Kamishiraishi Mone, Uchida Asahi, Matsumoto Taishi, Fukazawa Tatsuya, Otsuka Nene, Sakurai Atsuko, Jinbo Satoshi, Ishiguro Ken, Yo Kimiko
Synopsis: Onizuka Ichiro (Kitaoji Kinya) has been confined to a wheelchair ever since he was injured in an incident. After retirement, he was reappointed by Shinjuku Higashi Police Precinct’s Criminal Affairs Division because of the numerous cases he had solved. One day, there is a massive food poisoning outbreak from sake lees in Shinjuku’s Suga-cho. Onizuka searches his memory and sends his subordinate Toyama Saki (Kamishiraishi Mone) to Shinjuku Makita Steel where toxic agents are stored. The toxic agents that are supposed to be kept in storage has gone missing and this makes him regard Makita Noriko, the wife of the owner of Shinjuku Makita Steel with suspicion. Meanwhile, the detective Jin Keitaro (Kazama Shunsuke) is at odds with the director Tachibana Shuhei (Fukazawa Tatsuya) from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division over the line of investigation. Onizuka uses his memories of the Showa and Heisei periods to solve this challenging case.
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