Juon: Noroi no Ie

Juon Noroi no Ie

Official Website

From 3 July 2020


Everything can be traced to the cursed house. Disturbing sounds captured on a cassette tape, people assailed by strange phenomenon, a youth cowering in the dark muttering “Run!” plus a ghastly incident where a woman was held captive and impregnanted. In 1988, Odajima Yasuo, a researcher of spirits and ghosts, is intrigued by the strange phenomenon that TV personality Honjo Haruka experienced. He met Haruka through a variety show programme on the occult and she had consulted him about the mysterious sound of footsteps in her apartment in the middle of the night. Together with Haruka, he starts to investigate the cursed house where frequent hauntings have occurred. They are drawn to it as if possessed and while Odajima is there, he sees a long black-haired woman who is trying to hand over something and a blood-soaked foetus crawling up. At the same time, a high school student Kiyomi is forced to transfer schools due to some trouble. She is invited by her new classmates to visit a vacant house called the cat compound as a test of her courage. Six years later, a social worker Ariyasu takes desperate action in an attempt to save an abused child. All three of them who have absolutely no connection to each other, are drawn to this house. What is the terrifying truth of the house and the chain of curses that they are entangled in?

* Arakawa Yoshiyoshi as Odajima Yasuo
* Kuroshima Yuina as Honjo Haruka
* Ririka as Kiyomi
* Kurashina Kana as Ariyasu
* Osamura Koki
* Inowaki Kai
* Emoto Tokio
* Sendo Nobuko

Takahashi Hiroshi (Yochou Sanpo Suru Shinryakusha)
Ichise Takashige (Juon: The Final)

Miyake Sho

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