Piple ~ AI to Kekkon Seikatsu Hajimemashita


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From 12.00 a.m., Tuesdays, 19 May 2020


It is 2030, a time when marrying AI is possible. Salaryman Tsumiki Kenichi’s date with Yoshino Rinko, a senior from his company whom he has had a long-time crush on, ends in failure. Reeling from shock, he impulsively purchases a beautiful AI android with a built-in sexual intercourse function. He names this android Piple and takes it as his wife. However, for some reason, she refuses his advances on their “wedding night”. Tsumiki visits Piple’s developer and meets Fukayama Kaede, a mysterious female AI researcher who has no ability to empathise with people. He learns that there is a problem with Piple’s initial setup but unfortunately, he is told that the setting cannot be changed. Kaede makes a surprising suggestion to Tsumiki as an alternative. Tsumiki begins to enjoy married life with Piple even though he cannot satisfy his desires. However, his good friend Takuma Shusuke’s childhood friend Shukugawa Yasunari, who is a doctor working at a university hospital that is a client of Tsumiki’s, says he has no faith in a person married to an AI, and this impacts Tsumiki’s sales results.

Kaji Yuki as Tsumiki Kenichi
A dull guy around his 30s who is not good at communicating with people but shows off that he is a geek. He is a salaryman who sells medical devices. However, his sideline is streaming his avatar radio, Tsumiki no Heya. He chooses to get married with a humanoid.

Ayaka Wilson as Piple
A beautiful AI android. Tsumiki Kenichi’s “wife”. She has a naive personality.

Ohara Sakurako as Fukayama Kaede
An AI researcher and the person in charge of Piple’s development. She has difficulty empathising with people and shocks those around her because of her offbeat behaviour. Her favourite drink is any item that has syrup added to carbonated water.

Oshinari Shugo as Shukugawa Yasunari
A doctor who works at a university hospital which is one of Tsumiki Kenichi’s clients. He does not like Tsumiki who comes to the hospital to do sales. He and Takuma Shusuke are childhood friends.

Yamada Yusuke as Takuma Shusuke
Tsumiki Kenichi’s good friend and ex-classmate from university days. A married guy who is affable and also sociable.

Usuda Asami as Yoshino Rinko
Tsumiki Kenichi’s senior at the company where he works. He has liked her for many years.

Hamada Mari as Kobayakawa Sanae
A famous CEO who runs an AI company. She has the nickname AI Crusher. She also seems to have been to Mars… …

Original Work
Piple by Harada Mariru

Kodera Kazuhisa (Mushikago no Jomae, Shinjuku Seven)

Sakai Mai, Taki Yusuke

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