70-sai, Hajimete Umimasu 70 Uizan


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From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 5 April 2020

NHK BS Premium

On the day of 65-year-old salaryman Etsuki Tomokazu’s retirement, he comes home to hear his wife Yuko, who is near 70, drop a bombshell. “I’m pregnant!” He suspects she has dementia but she is dead serious. Even the gynaecologist is wide-eyed after Yuko proves to be pregnant from the results of a medical examination. Although Yuko is perfectly willing to have the child, Etsuki is flustered as the peaceful post-retirement years that he had envisioned crumbles. He is slow to come to terms with her pregnancy. Furthermore, Yuko’s relatives and fellow part-timers are strongly opposed to it due to the huge risk of having a baby at such a late stage in life. The Etsukis struggle with whether to have the child. But when they visit a university hospital, Yuko bursts into tears after the hospital’s director congratulates her on her pregnancy – the first congratulatory words she has heard. As first-time parents, the Etsukis fail and go back and forth for everything in an antenatal class with young couples.

Kohinata Fumiyo as Etsuki Tomokazu
A retired salaryman. He has difficulty coming to terms with his wife’s pregnancy. He is not at socialising with people and has few friends.

Takeshita Keiko as Etsuki Yuko
Etsuki Tomokazu’s wife. She has been blessed with the child that she wished for and decides to bring the baby into this world. Then again she is worried and has loses confidence because she is giving birth at an old age.

Ito Ayumi as Kizakura Toyoko
A employee at Kamonan Municipal Office’s Child Support Division. She supports the Etsukis giving birth and raising the child.

Yamoto Yuma as Makita Takeshi
A young father who lives on the upper floor of the apartment building where the Etsukis stay. He becomes friendly with the couple.

Original Work
70 Uizan & 70-sai no Uizan by Time Ryosuke

Honcho Yuka

Watanabe Kazutaka, Watanabe Akihiro

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