Guilty ~ Kono Ai Tsumi desu ka?


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From 11.59 p.m., Thursdays, 2 April 2020


Ogino Sayaka has a rewarding job as an editor of a female fashion magazine and a loving relationship with her husband Kazuma of six years. They have the ideal married life that is the envy of everyone. However, Sayaka has a concern. She wants children but cannot bring herself to mention this to Kazuma. One day, she decides to tell him how she feels after some encouragement from her drinking buddy Oikawa Rui. However, Kazuma refuses to have children. Although Sayaka is shocked, she tries to accept his feelings. The next day, she is tasked with creating a feature page on unforgettable love. Meanwhile, trouble happens. The restaurant that they had intended to rent for a photoshoot has a double booking and they cannot use the place on the day itself. Terashima Mutsuki, a university student working part-time at the editorial department, leases space from a restaurant that he knows. When Sayaka meets Akiyama Keiichi, the owner of the restaurant, she is shaken. Keiichi is her first love whom she dated during high school days. This chance reunion brings back memories of the days she spent with him. In high school, Sayaka had to endure endless quarrels between her parents. It was her classmate Keiichi who gave her encouragement. They were drawn to each other and began dating although they ended up getting married to different people. Deciding that it is best that she steer clear of Keiichi, Sayaka tries to put a lid on her feelings for him but her heart tingles with the feelings that she has kept deep inside. Her seemingly perfect life is shattered one day by Kazuma’s betrayal. As Sayaka wavers between her love for her husband and her first love, a shocking unbelievable truth is revealed.

Shinkawa Yua as Ogino Sayaka
The editor of a female fashion magazine. She has been given a job with more responsibilities for her age and is the dependable ace of the editorial department. She likes the work she is doing now and finds it rewarding. She has a straightforward personality and hates illogical things. Six years ago, she met her husband Kazuma who works at an advertising agency through work and they got married. However, she is bothered that they are at odds about having children even though she does not voice it. She faces numerous betrayals but picks herself up each time and hits back. Her memories of Akiyama Keiichi, her first love in high school, has been her emotional support. After she meets Keiichi again, the feelings hidden in the depths of her heart are stirred. She is caught between her love for her husband and her first love and starts to waver.

Koike Teppei as Ogino Kazuma
Ogino Sayaka’s husband. He works for an advertising agency. He is handsome, draws a high salary, understands Sayaka’s work and even takes the initiative to share the housework – the perfect husband. He maintains an appropriate distance from areas that neither of them want to touch, and yet his love can be felt. His ideal is for them to be like lovers forever and he says that he does not want children because he would like Sayaka to remain beautiful. However, there is actually another reason why … …

Machida Keita as Akiyama Keiichi
Ogino Sayaka’s first love whom she met in high school. The cheerful, genial owner and chef of a small Italian restaurant. He may be sarcastic and curt but he is actually a kind person. Even though he does not call Sayaka by name and never says that he likes her, he always rushes over to help her when she is in a tight spot. His late father ran an eatery before dying of illness several years ago, and he converted it into the Italian restaurant. He cannot help doing something when there are people in difficulty. He is now married. Although he loves his wife Miwako, he has always had feelings for Sayaka deep down. He has also been hiding a secret from Sayaka … …

Nakamura Yurika as Oikawa Rui
Ogino Sayaka’s younger friend. They met about a year ago at the Bar Chaton where Sayaka is a regular customer, and got along very well. She is like a younger sister and is very attached to Sayaka. She has a boyfriend who is neither employed nor studying and complains about this to Sayaka while Sayaka consults her on relationship with her husband Kazuma. They have heart to heart talks but there are facts that she cannot talk about.

Kamio Fuju as Terashima Mutsuki
A university student who is a part-timer at the editorial department where Ogino Sayaka works. He says that he read a story that Sayaka was had worked on in the past and developed an interest in editorial work. He acts as if he likes her and is attentive to her needs, but he actually has a secret … …

Kakei Miwako as Nishimura Wakana
Ogino Sayaka’s good friend since high school days. She is divorced from her husband and has been raising their daughter Ena who is now 7 years old, on her own. She and Sayaka are able to talk about anything. She does not have a favourable opinion of Sayaka’s husband Kazuma. She has always taken sides with Sayaka but … …

Original Work
Guilty ~ Nakanu Hotaru ga Mi o Kogasu by Okaue Ai

Izumisawa Yoko (W Kenkei no Higeki, Itsumademo Shiroi Hane, Dairenai)
Obayashi Rieko (Koekoi, Nodoka no Niwa, Inochi Urimasu)
Miura Kisa (Ghost Town, Watashi Danna o Share Shiteta, Shiyakusho) 

Kawahara Yo, Hayashi Masaki, Noda Kenta

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