NHK BS Premium Drama Special 2020 ~ Kingyohime


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 29 March 2020
Original Work: Kingyohime by Ogiwara Hiroshi
Scriptwriter: Uda Manabu (Oshii Keiji, 99.9 Keiji Senmon Bengoshi Series, Tantei ga Hayasugiru)
Director: Aoyama Shinji
Cast: Shison Jun, Takimoto Miori, Karata Erika, Nakamura Yuko, Sendo Nobuko, Otaka Akira, Nakao Mie, Kunimura Jun
Synopsis: Ezawa Jun (Shison Jun), a salaryman who works for a shop selling Buddhist religious articles, has been dumped by his girlfriend and is having problems in his job. Nothing is going well for him. Seized by despair, Jun is about to lean out over the railings of a bridge one night when he hears the mysterious sounds of Japanese festival music. He is seemingly drawn to a stall at the festival where participants try to catch goldfishes with a paper ladle. He gets a beautiful ryukin goldfish and rears it at home. In fact, a beautiful young lady has taken the guise of a goldfish. She suddenly transforms into a human being and appears in front of Jun. Ryu, (Takimoto Miori) as she comes to be known, is searching for a legendary kuroranchu goldfish. She seeks Jun’s help to look for it together. The two of them grow close as they begin living under the same roof. However, their destinies head in an unexpected direction as the motives of Jun’s ex-girlfriend Ayu (Karata Erika) and his mother’s (Sendo Nobuko) new husband Nagasaka Tsunejiro (Kunimura Jun) intertwine … …

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