Arimura Kasumi no Satsukyu

Arimura Kasumi Satsukyu

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From 12.00 a.m., Saturdays, 21 March 2020


Arimura Kasumi suddenly gets a break from filming and returns to her hometown for the first time in a long while. Her mother Yumiko comes to the train station to pick her up and they head for the family home. She is idly chatting with her mother at home while making rolled cabbage for dinner when a male stranger comes to visit. His name is Ueshima Makoto. He puts his hands together in front of Kasumi’s father’s tablet. Then her mother asks him in a friendly way to repair a bicycle. At Yumiko’s invitation, the three of them end up having dinner together. Kasumi spends the next day at the house of her good friend Yuko. Yuko is crazy about the romance dramas that Kasumi has acted in and recorded them. As they eat the breakfast that Yuko prepared, Yuko implores her to join her for dinner tonight with a male colleague that she has set her heart on. Kasumi goes for the sake of her good friend. Tanaka, the guy that Yuko has her sights on, is in high spirits when he meets Kasumi. But when he starts to make statements that show he takes females to be weak, her annoyance slowly grows … …

* Arimura Kasumi as Arimura Kasumi
* Fubuki Jun as Arimura Yumiko
* Mitsushima Shinnosuke as Ueshima Makoto (Ep 1)
* Kaneda Akio as Onishi Toshimichi (Ep 1)
* Ito Sairi as Yuko (Ep 2)
* Wakaba Ryuya as Tanaka (Ep 2)
* Kasamatsu Sho as Kondo Yoshiaki (Ep 3)
* Lily Franky as Himura Masaki (Ep 3)
* Yagira Yuya as Takeda Kevin (Ep 4)
* Aoi Shun as Endo (Ep 5)
* Mizuno Satoshi as Sawada (Ep 5)
* Watanabe Daichi as Sawamoto Seiichi (Ep 6)
* Tokunaga Eri as Hoshi Ikuko (Ep 6)
* Fukushima Seiran as Kokoro (Ep 7)
* Maeno Kenta as Jiro (Ep 8)
* Tamura Kentaro as Kiyoshi (Ep 8)
* Nomaguchi Toru as Manager Tsukamoto
* Kuroda Daisuke as Producer Hatakeyama

* Higa Sakura (Ep 1)
* Peyoung Maki (Raise de wa Chanto Shimasu, Koi no Tsuki, Retake) (Ep2)
* Sunada Mami (Junichi) (Ep 3)
* Shinohara Makoto (Ep 4)
* Fujiki Mitsuhiko (Designer Shibui Naoto no Kyuujitsu, Byplayers Series) (Ep 5)
* Imaizumi Rikiya (Tokyo Sentimental) (Ep 6)
* Tsuno Megumi (Ep 7)
* Miura Naoyuki (Fujoshi Ukkari Gay ni Kokuru, Koekoi) (Ep 8)

Theme Song
Ride On Weekend by Takeuchi Anna

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