Hamura Akira ~ Sekai de Mottomo Fuunna Tantei

Hamura Akira

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From 10.00 p.m., Fridays, 24 January – 6 March 2020


34-year-old Hamura Akira loves mysteries. She is a part-timer at a secondhand bookshop called Murder Bear Bookshop while she works as an investigator of Shirokuma Investigation Agency in what started as a joke with the owner Muraki Yoshihiro. Akira strives to solve cases with the help of Muraki Yoshihiro, detectives Hayami Osamatsu and Shibata Kaname from Kageyama Higashi Police Precinct. Superintendent Okada Shotaro from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is the only one among them that she respects for his intellect. Akira has a tendency to get caught in misadventures one way or another, and is known as the world’s most unfortunate private investigator. But as she confronts cases, she also has to face her own life. One day, Akira’s older sister Suzu visits her. Akira dislikes Suzu who has given her a hard time all this while. Suzu hands her a ticket for a trip overseas to apologise for everything that has happened so far and coerces her to go. Meanwhile, the dead body of a woman is discovered in the mountains. The name stated on her identity card is Hamura Akira?!

Shishido Kavka as Hamura Akira
The youngest of four sisters. She ran away from her pesky older sister and got into detective work in the process of changing jobs and addresses. She is now a part-timer at Murder Bear Bookshop and is working as an investigator of Shirokuma Investigation Agency in what began as a joke with Muraki Yoshihiro, the owner of the bookshop. Because she is the sort who wants to set the record straight, she frequently gets into trouble as she will not go easy on solving on solving a case. She is a digital nomad and a minimalist who likes monotone clothes possibly because of the nature of her work. She loves reading books, particularly mysteries. Although she is tough and a loner, she opens up to the people she meets at the bookshop even as she gets pushed around, and shows innermost kindness.

Mamiya Shotaro as Okada Shotaro
A super elite in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Rank: Superintendent. In the eyes of detectives Hayami Osamatsu and Shibata Kaname, he is someone “above the clouds”. A man whose intellect evenly matches Hamura Akira’s and they even make deductions together. As a police officer, he is unusual in his use of honorific language with her. He is a very scary man to make an enemy of.

Ikeda Narushi as Muraki Yoshihiro
He and Hamura Akira have known each other for a long time and was once her boss in the same workplace. He cannot stand watching Akira not have work and harps about how grateful she should be to him for bringing easy jobs. However, he has never given it a try to know if it is truly easy. He used to be a police officer but he felt disgusted by the organisation which could only investigate cases after they take place. He left his job and became an investigator.

Tsuda Kanji as Hayami Osamatsu
A senior detective at Kageyama Higashi Police Precinct who is Shibata Kaname’s partner. However, he lacks ambition and hopes to have an easy life. He does not wish to get tangled up the mistakes of Shibata who wants to distinguish himself.

Itabashi Shunya as Shibata Kaname
A detective with Kageyama Higashi Police Precinct. He becomes a valuable intelligence source to Hamura Akira who wants to know the information on investigations that only the police will possess. He has a habit of calling her name without an honorific title in a patronising way.

Nakamura Baijaku as Toyama Yasuyuki
The owner of Murder Bear Bookshop. He used to be the editor-in-chief of a mystery magazine at a major publishing company but now he is his own boss. He constantly works on ideas for in-store promotions such as fairs and events as the owner of a secondhand bookstore that is out of touch with people’s interests. He delegates all the bothersome menial chores and physically exhausting work to his part-timer Hamura Akira as if to say it is his right to work her hard for allowing her to live on the second floor of the shop without rent.

Original Work
Onna Tantei Hamura Akira Series by Wakatake Nanami

Kurosawa Hisako (Minshuu no Teki, Tokyo Joshi Zukan, Arechi no Koi)
Kida Norio

Ohashi Mamoru, Masuda Shizuo, Nakamura Shusuke

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