Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko made mo

Koi wa Tsuzuku Doko made mo

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From 10.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 14 January 2020


When Sakura Nanase was a high school student visiting Tokyo on a school trip, a woman who was past middle age blacked out and collapsed in front of her. Nanase panicked but a doctor called Tendo Kairi happened to pass by. He came to the woman’s aid and she regained consciousness. Nanase fell in love with Tendo at first sight as she watched him swiftly deal with the situation. She set her sights on becoming a nurse out of her sheer desire to see him again. Five years go by … … Nanase has become a nurse at long last and secured a job at Hiura General Hospital where her dream guy Tendo Kairi works. She quickly declares her love to Tendo when they reunite but he has no memory of the event five years ago. She is soundly rejected and sworn at with harsh words. All the new nurses have to be rotated to each of the hospital’s departments for training and a depressed Nanase is assigned to the cardiovascular internal medicine department where Tendo belongs. Although she wants to be acknowledged as a nurse by Tendo, her efforts go nowhere. She keeps on making mistakes and he takes her to task. Nanase discovers that the very man she adores is a completely different person from what she imagined. She learns that he always takes digs at people and is such an extreme sadist that he was given the nickname “Devil”. But Nanase continues to sincerely and honestly convey her feelings to Tendo. She instantly becomes famous in the hospital for this, and her fearlessness in pressing on like a “Hero” against the “Devil” earns her the nickname “Yuusha-chan” from her seniors. Even though she looks completely reckless in everyone’s eyes, Nanase pours her heart into it. And her constant honesty in both work and love starts to melt Tendo’s steel heart little by little.

Kamishiraishi Mone as Sakura Nanase
A reckless new nurse nicknamed “Hero”. She made the acquaintance of Tendo Kairi through a chance encounter and fell in love with him. Wanting to see him again, she studied very hard and finally became a nurse. As she works hard on the medical front where life and death are always close by, she experiences joy and pain and grows as a nurse. She is a good-natured person who will accept requests from patients against her better judgment even if these have nothing to do with her duties. However, she is well-loved by everyone because she deals with patients earnestly. She wants Tendo to quickly acknowledge her as a full-fledged nurse. At the same time, she finds herself even more attracted to him because of his sincerity as a doctor and honesty as a person.

Sato Takeru as Tendo Kairi
A handsome elite doctor with top-notch skills in his work. He is respected by everyone around him although he is the feared “Devil”. He treats patients sincerely but he can be cold in the way he works because he is a perfectionist. He is stoic but seen as an extreme sadist. He is too aggressive with his colleagues and besides some nurses who are good at what they do, he does not treat the rest as humans. He is the type who is constantly composed and observes things carefully. However, he will always help Sakura Nanase when she encounters difficulty. He has an extreme sweet tooth and there will be a gleam in his eyes whenever he sees something sweet. His favourite is cream-filled bread which he always conceals in the pocket of his white coat.

Maiguma Katsuya as Kisugi Koichi
A doctor with the cardiovascular internal medicine department. Tendo Kairi’s peer. He and Tendo have been friendly competitors since they were medical students. He is the only who can tease Tendo. A kind and gentle person, his carefree, loveable smiles have been winning the hearts of nurses. Because he is the exact opposite of Tendo’s “Devil”, he has been given the nickname “Magician”. They are compared with each other at every turn but they have a strong relationship of trust.

Yoshikawa Ai as Sakai Yuika
A new nurse who joined the hospital at the same time as Sakura Nanase. She belongs to the cardiovascular internal medicine department. She graduated from a nurses college in university and is outstanding even though she is a newbie. While she and Nanase have been improving themselves through friendly competition she sees Nanase as a rival. Her approach to being a nurse is the total opposite to Nanase. She has minimal interactions with patients and deals with them in a businesslike manner. Because of that, she also has arguments with Nanase. She likes Kisugi Koichi and finds him special?

Renbutsu Misako as Wakabayashi Minori/Miori
Wakabayashi Minori: Tendo Kairi’s ex-classmate and girlfriend. She belonged to the faculty of medicine at the same university. A simple, sunny person who always makes the people around her smile. She understands the slightly awkward Tendo well. She is deeply connected to a past incident which made him the stoic “devil”. Will she become Sakura Nanase’s rival in love?
Wakabayashi Miori: Wakabayashi Minori’s younger twin sister. A heart surgeon. As she was studying abroad at the time Minori died, she is not acquainted with Tendo Kairi. She is scatterbrained and seems to be quite indifferent but there is a loveliness about her that is hard to ignore.

Karina as Tendo Ryuko
Tendo Kairi’s older sister. A big drinker who enjoys having drinks with her dinner even when she is at home. She is somewhat unsophisticated and old-fashioned but looks like a flamboyant, attractive woman. She is greatly involved in the development of the relationship between Sakura Nanase and her brother.

Yamamoto Koji as Koishikawa Rokuro
The deputy director of Hiura General Hospital and the head of the doctors in the cardiovascular internal medicine department. Tendo Kairi’s senior and also supervisor. He used to date Tendo’s sister Ryuko. He is always cheerful and takes good care of his juniors but it is difficult to know what is on his mind. He may seem wanting but he is a good boss who will quietly keep an eye on interpersonal relationships and concerns.

Original Work
Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko made mo by Enjoji Maki

Kaneko Arisa (Tokyo Dokushin Danshi, Chugaku Seinikki, Boku no Tsuma to Kekkon Shite Kudasai)

Tanaka Kenta, Fukuda Ryosuke, Kaneko Fuminori

Ending Theme
I Love … by Official髭男dism

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