Fuji TV Drama Special 2019 ~ Aloha Sommelier

Aloha Sommelier

Date: From 12.25 a.m., 27 – 30 December 2019
Scriptwriters: Toyama Erika, Mito Ryo
Cast: Mizuki Arisa, Shishido Miwako, Furuya Keita, Asada Miyoko, Mizuhashi Kenji (guest star), Kato Kenshiro (guest star), Shinkawa Yua (guest star), Fuchikami Yasushi (guest star), Aikawa Yusuke (guest star)
Synopsis: Yoshizawa Kyoko (Mizuki Arisa) is a beer sommelier. A single woman with a job related to the alcohol that she loves, Kyoko leads a happy life. One day, she succumbs to pressure from her mother Kiyomi (Asada Miyoko) to do her duty as a daughter, and go on a trip to Hawaii. Kiyomi is in high spirits when they arrive as this is her first time abroad. She is still excited even after they get to their accommodation. On the other hand, all Kyoko can think of is drinking alcohol. Mother and daughter are polar opposites. If Kiyomi is like a young girl, Kyoko is like an old man. Kyoko wants to have a leisurely time in a place that is closest to heaven while Kiyomi wants to try hula dancing, yoga and even surfing?! Furthermore, Kyoko is fond of alcohol but her mother prefers sweets. Will the two of them who not only have different personalities but also different palates be able to enjoy Hawaii together? That is when Kyoko thinks they can go their separate ways – she can enjoy local Hawaii beer and food when Kiyomi is sightseeing. Although Kyoko tries to have a relaxing time, she encounters people with “circumstances” everywhere she goes … …
Official Website: www.fujitv.co.jp/Alohasommelier

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