NTV Drama Special 2019 ~ Tantei ga Hayasugiru

Tantei ga Hayasugiru SP

Date: From 12.09 a.m. 13 & 20 December 2019
Scriptwriter: Uda Manabu (Tantei ga Hayasugiru, 99.9 Keiji Senmon Bengoshi Series, Lucky Seven)
Original Work: Tantei ga Hayasugiru by Inoue Magi
Cast: Takito Kenichi, Hirose Alice, Yano Masato, Kobayashi Ryoko, Nozawa Shiori, Tanabe Seiichi (guest star), Owada Shinya, Mizuno Miki
Synopsis: Chikumagawa Hikaru (Takito Kenichi) is the fastest investigator in history. He sees right through the tricks pulled by criminals and prevents cases before they happen. In fact, his motto is to subject criminals to the very tricks they set for their targets. Hashida Masako (Mizuno Miki), the housekeeper for university student Sogawa Ichika (Hirose Alice) who inherited 5 trillion yen from her father, recalls Chikumagawa to take on the task of protecting Ichika . Someone is after Ichika’s life once again to get hold of the 5 trillion yen. Hashida says she will find out who is trying to kill Ichika and the reason, and wants Chikumagawa to defend Ichika. The person is Agarimaejo Joichiro (Owada Shinya), the head of Agarimaejo Group which has a close relationship with the Daidara Group that previously attempted to murder Ichika. Agarimaejo hires the international magician Masuda Keisuke (Tanabe Seiichi) as an assassin and plots to seize Ichika’s inheritance. Keisuke tries to kill Ichika with all sorts of elaborate magic tricks. Chikumagawa and Keisuke have a spine-tingling and thrilling showdown.
Official Website: www.ytv.co.jp/tantei

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