Ossan’s Love ~ In the Sky

Ossan's Love 2

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From 11.15 p.m., Fridays, 2 November 2019

TV Asahi

Haruta Soichi is laid off all of a sudden at the age of 35. Just as he is at his wits end, he is saved by a junior from high school days and goes to work for Tenku Peach Airlines where he starts a new life as a cabin attendant. On the day of his debut, Haruta turns up late for the crew briefing because he was helping someone. The captain Kurosawa Musashi has a stern warning for him, “You’re taken off this flight.” However, Haruta only has a moment to feel dejected. When he opens his locker, a large amount of paper sketches capturing Haruta with all sorts of expressions falls out. Haruta tries to look nonchalant as he searches for the person who has a talent for drawing. But he narrowly misses Kurosawa who has finished his flight, and finds a pen used for sketching on the floor. After that, Haruta happens to run into copilot Naruse Ryu who is having an argument with a female. He hears Naruse say that there is someone else he likes, and gets kissed by Naruse all of a sudden. When Haruta returns to the company dormitory, Haruta tells Shinomiya Kaname, the mechanic who is like a big brother to him, about his day of dramatic events. “I can kiss too,” Shinomiya says with a straight face. Haruta, the unpopular, written-off bachelor who is good-natured, straightforward, kind and a wee bit of a fool, enjoys an unexpected period of popularity. However, they are all male, whether pilot, copilot or mechanic, for some reason! A great captain with exceptional expertise and personality, Kurosawa is strict about work and keen in mentoring his juniors. In the course of the flights with Haruta, Kurosawa sees his passion and the efforts he makes for passengers, and gradually acknowledges him. And at some point, this turns into love.

Tanaka Kei as Haruta Soichi
A Tenku Peach Airlines cabin attendant. He was suddenly retrenched at the age of 35 and ended up working for an airline. He is single and not popular. A good-natured, straightforward, kind guy and a wee bit of a fool. He is exceedingly considerate of his colleagues because of his previous job experience. He also has a interfering side and will not leave loners alone. He admires the captain Kurosawa Musashi and wants to be a great cabin attendant himself. But he is careless, makes mistakes when he should not, and tends to go round in circles with his enthusiasm.

Yoshida Kotaro as Kurosawa Musashi
A Tenku Peach Airlines pilot who is a captain. Called “Great Captain”, he has exceptional flying skills and personality. He has a kind heart and cares for everyone from the new cabin attendants to mechanics. Because he values the bonds between a team, he is intent on guiding the junior staff such as Haruta Soichi who was removed from his flight for being late for work on the first day. As he sees Haruta work hard in his job, he gradually acknowledges him and falls in love without realising it!?

Chiba Yudai as Naruse Ryu
An outstanding young Tenku Peach Airlines pilot with great flying skills. He is often Kurosawa Musashi’s copilot. However, he has a difficulty personality. He is strict with himself and others, and because he does not mince his words, he tends to get into trouble with people. He is matter-of-fact, unsociable and does not show his personal side. That is why he detests Haruta Soichi’s type, who just barges into people’s heart, the most. In his personal life, he is rather idle. He is not only terrible at housework on the whole, he has an unbalance diet and somehow always eat frozen food for every meal. He stays in the same dormitory as Haruta Soichi

Totsugi Shigeyuki as Shinomiya Kaname
A Tenku Peach Airlines mechanic. He is the leader of the maintenance team and always wears overalls. The hot-blooded and stoic type, he is a true professional who will not even allow a bolt to be 1 mm loose. However, in his personal life, he does not care about the little details. He is kind to everyone and occasionally goofy. He is good at cooking and treats the people around him to rice and noodle dishes. He has been on good terms with Tachibana Hina since the day they joined the company and is like an older brother. He also listens to her romantic problems. He stays in the same dormitory as Haruta Soichi

Satsukawa Aimi as Tachibana Hina
A Tenku Peach Airlines employee who does public relations. She was Haruta Soichi’s junior in the basketball club back in high school. They were reunited just as he was feeling at a loss after being laid off. She recommended her workplace which was recruiting cabin attendants. She is a dependable person. After meeting Haruta again, they are gradually drawn to each other now that they are adults. But she is a little anxious that Haruta will end up popular with the beautiful female cabin attendants.

Megumi as Neko Haruka
A Tenku Peach Airlines cabin attendant. She often says what is on her mind. She has a sharp tongue and very observant. She also mercilessly tears into Haruta Soichi. However, she never talks behind someone’s back and is the sort who will tell directly a person if she has complaints. She is also sincere in serving passengers and is loved by the local elderly people even though her words are harsh.

Tokuo Koji (Ossan’s Love, Kimi ga Kokoro ni Sumitsuita, Aino Kekkon Soudanjo)

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