Ai Naki Mori de Sakebi

Ai Naki Mori

Official Website

From 11 October 2019

Netflix Japan

It is 1995. Shin has come up to Tokyo from Toyokawa City in Aichi Prefecture. He is called by Jay and Fukami to join the production of their independent movie. Their friends Taeko and Mitsuko have been asked to appear in it. The two girls still have not been able to get over a traumatic traffic accident that happened during their high school days and led to the sudden death of a classmate they idolised. Mitsuko became a social recluse. One day, she receives a phone call from Murata Joe at about the time society is being rocked by a series of gun-related murders. Murata is calling her on the pretext of wanting to return the 50 yen that he borrowed 10 years ago. He begins to win her heart with skillful conversation and an over the top display of love. However, Murata is a heartless swindler. He targets many women besides Mitsuko. The moment he gains the trust of the entire family, he bares his heartless self and proceeds to exploit them. Shin, whose own older sister Taeko was deceived by Murata, knows his true nature. Together with Jay and Fukami, he begins to film a movie featuring Murata. Before long, Murata even brainwashes Mitsuko’s father Shigeru and mother Azumi, and controls them with physical and emotional violence in a confined space. The situation develops in an unexpected direction … …

* Shiina Kippei as Murata Joe
* Mitsushima Shinnosuke as Shin
* Denden as Shigeru
* Kamataki Eri as Ozawa Mitsuko
* Hinami Kyoko as Taeko
* Hasegawa Dai as Fukami
* Matobu Sei as Azumi

Sono Shion (Tokyo Vampire Hotel, Minna ESPer dayo! Series, Jikou Keisatsu Series)

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