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From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 20 October 2019


A talented Japanese chef Obana Natsuki in French cuisine devoted his life to food. He opened his own restaurant, Escofille, in Paris and earned two Michelin stars. Hailed as a superstar chef, his confidence turned into conceit. But no matter how he tried, three Michelin stars were beyond his reach. He felt pressured and up against a wall. Three years ago, a grave incident occurred at the restaurant and he ended up losing everything. he He has been chased around by debt collectors since then. While Obana is feeling at his lowest, he happens to meet a female chef Hayami Rinko who is interviewing at the three-star French restaurant L’Ambroisie. She has come to France, betting her life as a chef on this job. Although Rinko does not get the job, her passion for French cuisine reignites the dream Obana once had but gave up. He makes the decision to start over again as a chef, and proposes to Rinko that they start a restaurant together. Obana aims to create the world’s greatest three Michelin star restaurant and tries to put together the best staff. However, he is spurned by his former colleagues and has problems even though he has found new talent. But he does not give up. He shoves unreasonable demands at other people and aims higher himself. The attitudes of the people around him gradually begin to change as they watch him.

Kimura Takuya as Obana Natsuki
A former Michelin star chef. He has absolute confidence in his skills, tastebuds and flair. An unconventional man who is ready to make any sacrifice for the sake of his craft. Despite his difficult personality, he is a top chef. He lets his food rather than words win over people. When he was in Paris, he enjoyed great popularity as the chef of the restaurant Escofille, and he was expected to be the first Japanese to earn three Michelin stars. However, an incident destroyed his reputation and his life hits rock bottom. Then he meets Hayami Rinko and decides to start over again as a chef.

Suzuki Kyoka as Hayami Rinko
A chef who has set her sights on Michelin stars. She is able to tell the ingredients and cooking process once she tastes a dish. She hates to lose and loves cooking more than anything else. Although her skills and flair are topnotch, something is still lacking and the restaurant she opened at long last has not received a star. One day, she is referred to an article on Obana Natsuki by her mother and tastes the cooking at Escofille. She is shaken by the flavours and resolves to get three Michelin stars. She meets Obana, the chef whom she admired, when she interviewed at a three Michelin star restaurant in France. This encounter leads to the beginning of a new attempt at three Michelin stars.

Tamamori Yuta as Hirako Shohei
The youngest chef at a prestigious hotel, he has a cool personality and does not go with the crowd. He is fast and precise in his work. He served as an apprentice at Escofille in Paris but after that incident three years ago, he returned to Japan and worked at a hotel buffet. He became its youngest chef but questions the large volume of the same food that he has to prepare every day. He has been dating Ebina Miyu, the only daughter of an influential lawmaker of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, since a year ago with a view to marriage.

Onoe Kikunosuke as Tango Manabu
The chef of the restaurant gaku. He trained with Obana Natsuki and Kyono Rikutaro at the three-star restaurant L’Ambroisie in Paris. He and Obana are long-time rivals, and he opened his own restaurant in Paris before Obana. But it did not earn recognition and ironically Obana’s restaurant was the one that got the Michelin stars. He was later invited by the food consultant Eto Fumio to open a restaurant in Tokyo. His new restaurant gaku became a hit and established a strong reputation.

Tezuka Toru as Eto Fumio
The owner of the restaurant gaku. He creates all sorts of restaurants through his company, Office Eats, and has opened several outlets. He is a hard-nosed person who only considers turnover and profit margin. He anticipates that Grand Maison Tokyo will become a rival of gaku and regards it with downright hostility. He uses his connections including the media and suppliers to sabotage Grand Maison Tokyo.

Oikawa Mitsuhiro as Aizawa Kamehito
A popular food researcher on the internet. He is a good communicator and easily makes friends with anyone. He started his culinary career as a part-timer at a bistro in Paris. He ate cuisine from all around the world created unique dishes with his inventiveness and became a sensation in Paris. He met Obana Natsuki who was training at L’Ambroisie. They recognised each other’s talent and Obana talked him into setting up the restaurant Escofille. After the incident, his wife left behind their daughter Amelie and disappeared. As a single father, it was difficult for him to be a restaurant chef and he returned to Japan where his mother lived. The videos that he posts on a recipe website while staying home to look after Amelie has become a popular topic of conversation.

Sawamura Ikki as Kyono Rikutaro
A waiter at the restaurant gaku. He used to be a chef but he met Obana Natsuki. Recognising Obana’s talent, he took on the business side of things at Escofille. Together with Obana, he dreamed of being the best in the world. However, Escofille wound up because of the incident three years ago and he was saddled with debt. He was invited by their former rival Tango Manabu to be a waiter at gaku, and in exchange, Tango took over his debt. But Obana shows up again and invites him to create the best restaurant in the world. However … …

Nakamura Anne as Kuzumi Kanna
A freelance food writer who writes articles for food magazines and websites. She has loved to eat since she was little and she went overseas because of her father’s job and gained a wealth of knowledge about food. She was impressed by the dishes that she ate at a French restaurant and aspired to work in a job related to food. After she graduated from university, she worked at the editorial department of a food magazine for almost three years before she became a freelancer. Wanting to learn about French cuisine, she went to France. She also deepened her knowledge of the French restaurants in Paris. She met Linda Machiko Richard who is the chief editor of Marie Claire Dining, the dining edition of Marie Claire. She is asked by Linda to investigate the incident that Obana Natsuki caused and gets in touch with Hayami Rinko.

Tominaga Ai as Linda Machiko Richard
Born to a French father and Japanese mother, she has been knowledgeable about food since a young age due to her father’s influence. An attractive woman with fortitude and character. After graduating from university, she worked at a newspaper in France. But after that, she moved to a publishing company as she wanted to specialise in the food scene. She started working at Marie Claire’s editorial department and is now the chief editor of Marie Claire Dining. She makes Kuzumi Kanna investigate the incident caused by Obana Natsuki … … Obana used to be her boyfriend.

Kuroiwa Tsutomu (Maison de Police, Monte Cristo Haku, Kizoku Tantei)

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