Fuji TV Drama Special 2019 ~ Fly! Boys, Fly!

Fly! Boys, Fly!

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 24 September 2019
Scriptwriter: Furuya Kazunao (Innocence, Hagetaka (2018), Sumire Sumika)
Cast: Nagase Ren, Kitamura Takumi, Kuroshima Yuina, Kizu Takumi, Ogoe Yuki, Okura Koji, Matobu Sei, Terawaki Yasufumi, Kimura Midoriko
Synopsis: When Asakawa Chikara (Nagase Ren) boarded a plane as a child for a trip with his parents, he felt scared. But a female cabin attendant gave him encouragement. Chikara developed an interest in the world of cabin attendants because of his crush on her. He feels a closeness to aeroplanes and the airport as he grew up at his aunt’s house nearby. Over time, he became familiar with the airport and aeroplanes without even realising it. Chikara is now a new trainee and aspires to be a cabin attendant. He along with former Self Defence Forces member Goda Yuichi (Kizu Takumi), the gay Mayuzumi Shotaro (Ogoe Yuki) and ex-model Saotome Kaoru (Kitamura Takumi) are excited about the training. However, the role of a cabin attendant is extensive. Besides serving passengers, they have to clean the aircraft and conduct security checks. Kaoru is the only one out of the four who is not in a panic from the first day. Seeing this, Oshima Ayaka (Takahashi Haori) and other female crew members have harsh words for them. Meanwhile, Chikara walks in on the training of Takayama Tsubasa (Kuroshima Yuina) whom he happened to meet, and her serious expression catches his eye. It is hard to become a female pilot and Tsubasa agonises over the fact that she cannot overcome the obstacles before her final copilot test. Even so, she does not lose heart. Chikara decides that he cannot lose to her, and before he knows it, that sentiment gradually changes to love. Two months later, Chikara and the rest have finally become cabin attendants and are about to set off on their maiden flight. They are performing their tasks well. But Kaoru is later singled out by the training instructor Kirisawa Reiko (Matobu Sei) and looks for what he lacks as a cabin attendant as he considers the meaning of her words, “If you’re on a flight with Chikara, it’ll be a good lesson.” The aeroplane eventually arrives at its destination. While Chikara is seeing passengers off the plane, he notices one woman searching for something around her seat. He hears that the tiny necklace around the neck of her daughter’s doll has gone missing … …
Official Website: www.ktv.jp/fly

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