Hotarugusa ~ Nana no Ken


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From 8.00 p.m., Fridays, 26 July 2019

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16-year-old Nana goes into service with the Kazahaya family but keeps making mistakes from the morning of her very first day. However, she is not only treated kindly by her master Ichinoshin and his wife Sachi, but also embraced by the couple’s two children Shosuke and Toyo, and quickly fits in with the family. Nana is actually from a samurai family. Her father was about to expose wrongdoings within the domain when he was forced to commit ritual suicide by disembowelment for a crime he did not commit. After that, Nana kept her identity secret and sought refuge with her mother’s family. Sachi soon dies from tuberculosis, and Ichinoshin who intends to correct the wrongdoings of the domain, also ends up getting framed. When Nana learns that Todoroki Heikuro, the person at the centre of this who strikes fear in everyone, is none other than her father’s enemy, she makes the decision to fight and protect Ichinoshin and his children just as Sachi had entrusted her to. Even Ichinoshin’s friends get ensnared by the enemy and the people who become Nana’s allies are nothing but difficult to deal with. However, Nana begins to challenge the enemy with their help as well as the evidence of misdeeds in the domain that her father left behind.

Kiyohara Kaya as Nana
Originally the daughter of a samurai, she has gone into service with the Kazahaya family. When she learns that the man who set up Kazahaya Ichinoshin is the one who drove her father to commit ritual suicide by disembowelment, she takes on a powerful enemy in a high stakes game in order to protect Ichinoshin and his children.

Machida Keita as Kazahaya Ichinoshin
The head of the Kazahaya family. He serves as an accountant and aspires to change the domain’s administration which is in disarray. However, he gets on the wrong side because of that and is framed for something he did not do.

Tanimura Mitsuki as Sachi
Kazahaya Ichinoshin’s wife. She gently guides Nana like a younger sister but she falls ill and entrusts her husband and children to Nana.

Kitamura Yukiya as Todoroki Heikuro
He wields power from behind the scenes in the domain. He frames Kazahaya Ichinoshin, who stands up against the domain’s administration, in an ingenious way. However, he actually has a connection with the Kazahaya family … …

Matsuo Satoru as Dannoura Gohei
A wandering samurai whom Nana saved when he was on the verge of collapsing from hunger. He is actually a swordsman. He teaches Nana the basics of the sword to thank her for the 60 rice dumplings that he ate at that time.

Watanabe Mutsuki (Ichiro, Challenged Series, Genya)
Moriwaki Kyoko (Denshichi Torimonocho, Watashi o Mitsukete, Ginnikan)

Original Work
Hotarugusa by Hamuro Rin

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