Sorezore no Dangai


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From 11.40 p.m., Saturdays, 3 August 2019

Fuji TV

Shikata Kyoichiro, who heads a computer company’s planning and development department, and his wife Yukiko are taken aback by the terrible state of their living room which has things scattered about in complete disorder. It has been close to a month since their 14-year-old son Kyosuke, a second-year junior high school student, stopped attending school. The boy had always been obedient and mild, but snapped as if he were a different person and behaved violently. Shikata, Yukiko and their two daughters Mayumi and Maki are bewildered. A worried Shikata takes some comfort in the words of Tanno who has also experienced distress over his own son’s violence at home. Tanno is his contact person at Aoi Denki, a client company. He has just finalised a big contract with Aoi Denki thanks to Tanno who was instrumental in overriding objections within the company and coordinating. Tanno suggests that he may be able to understand his child by showing his own weakness, and Shikata decides to have a heart to heart with Kyosuke. On the way home from work, he sees his son jostling with another teen. The boy, who identifies himself as Yamaki Mitsuru, politely greets him and leaves. Kyosuke tells his skeptical father that Mitsuru is his good friend. They drive to the sea and stuff themselves with fish-shaped snacks filled with red bean paste at the seaside while Shikata talks about embarrassments in his past. Although Kyosuke does not attempt to talk about himself, he listens to his father and murmurs that it is hard to go through life. The next day, Shikata gets a shock. His management has cancelled the deal with Aoi Denki. Shikata furiously protests to his boss, but the matter has already been decided. That night, a depressed Shikata drinks heavily and is taken to a seedy date club by a subordinate. He would never have imagined that this would later paint him into a corner. When Shikata gets home, Yukiko tells him with a worried look that Kyosuke has not returned home yet. This instantly sobers him up but he still does not know the severity of the situation. They soon receive unbelievable news from the police. Kyosuke has been killed by his classmate Mitsuru … … This is the beginning of Shikata’s nightmare. At first, he is suspected by the police, and even fiercely criticised by society for erupting in anger at Mitsuru. Mitsuru has been arrested but is protected by the juvenile law and will not be given fitting punishment for his crime. As his family breaks up, Kyoichiro turns his hatred on Mitsuru’s mother Hatsumi and seeks her out. However, he realises that the woman he should not forgive is suffering from loneliness, and is greatly shaken. Kyosuke and Hatsumi who are carrying heavy crosses of their own, soon get close to each other in their search for momentary release and fall headlong into a forbidden love.

Endo Kenichi as Shikata Kyoichiro
The head of the planning and development department at Maruko Computer in Tokyo. He is a high school graduate but he was selected the lead the department. He is a sentimental career-minded person. He bought a house in the suburbs five years ago and lives with his wife Yukiko and their three children. However, one day, their son Kyosuke is killed by a classmate all of a sudden, and he becomes the “victim’s father”. As his family begins to break up, he looks for Yamaki Hatsumi, the mother of the offender, after going through hatred and loathing. However, he is swayed by the woman he should never forgive when he sees her suffering the same anguish as him.

Tanaka Misato as Yamaki Hatsumi
The mother of Yamaki Mitsuru, the junior high school student who caused Shikata Kyosuke’s death. A club hostess. She got married at the age of 25 and immediately gave birth to Mitsuru. However, she brought him up on her own because she got divorced in a short time. She is in anguish over her beloved son’s murder of his classmate and strikes up a friendship Shikata Kyoichiro as if to forget her fear and grief.

Tanaka Misako as Shikata Yukiko
Shikata Kyoichiro’s wife. She joined Maruko Computer after graduating from high school and was in the development department with Shikata whom she later married. She was cheerful by nature. However, while she was trouble by her son Kyosuke’s refusal to go to school and domestic violence, she became the “victim’s mother” after he was killed. Her relationship with her surroundings and her husband began to change with the attention from the public.

Horasawa Mieko (Kamogawa Shokudo)

Original Work
Sorezore no Dangai by Kosugi Kenji

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