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Voice 110

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From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 13 July 2019


Three years ago in Yokohama, Higuchi Shogo was the head of the Violent Crimes Section of Koto Police Precinct’s First Investigative Division and had the highest arrest rate. One day, his wife Miki was struck in the head with a blunt object and murdered in brutal fashion. Right before she was killed, she called the emergency command centre to ask for help as she tried to run away. But at that time, the centre did not have the capability to pinpoint her location. It called her back instead and this sound alerted the killer to where she was. Higuchi, who was pursuing a fugitive in another case, only learnt this devastating truth after everything had ended. The police was certain that the suspect Sagara Takuya was his wife’s murderer from the clothes found at Sagara’s house and he was tried a month later. However, Assistant Inspector Tachibana Hikari, the police officer who received the emergency call, testified as the prosecution’s witness that the voice she heard at the time of the incident, was not his. She added that there was a faint clacking sound and asserts that the killer is someone else. Higuchi, who was convinced that Sagara was responsible for Miki’s death, went into a frenzy in court. As a result, Sagara was released and the case was never solved. Three years later, Higuchi has switched to working at a police box. He has been reduced to a man whom even his ex-colleagues steer clear of following his wife’s death. Meanwhile, Hikari becomes the head of Koto Police Precinct’s emergency command centre after chalking up a track record of solving difficult cases at the crime lab. She proposes setting up an Emergency Call Unit to the top brass in order to swiftly rescue victims and says that she intends to make Higuchi the leader of this new emergency response team. When Higuchi learns about this, he barges into the Centre, demanding to know why she said that she could hear things no one else could. Hikari asks if he would believe her if she told the truth. At that moment, a call comes in from a young woman who says she has been kidnapped … …!

Karasawa Toshiakia as Higuchi Shogo
The leader of of the Emergency Call Unit’s emergency response team. A former ace detective who was passionate and at times lets his emotions get the better of him. A compassionate, old-fashioned man trusted by his juniors. Three years ago, his wife Miki was bludgeoned to death by an unknown person and he has been relentlessly pursuing the criminal. Just before she was murdered, she had called his phone for help but he was in the middle of a case and missed her call. He cannot forget his wife’s voice pleading for help. The grief from not being able to protect the person he loved the most, becomes a heavy cross to bear. He would drink and cry for his wife. One day, the Emergency Call Unit is established in the Emergency Command Centre. He is one of the members recruited for the unit. However, he stubbornly refuses to join the team when he learns that the leader of the Centre is none other than Tachibana Hikari who handled his wife’s phone call on that fateful day three years earlier … …

Maki Yoko as Tachibana Hikari
The head of Koto Police Precinct’s Emergency Command Centre. A voice profiler who can hear the “voices” of the people calling for help. Her sight was affected due to an accident in her early childhood. But at the same time, she developed the ability to hear even faint sounds. After she graduated top of the class from the police academy, she worked at the emergency command centre. One day, a woman whose emergency call she received was brutally killed by an unidentified person. In addition, her own father, a patrol officer who was doing his rounds in the vicinity was also bludgeoned to death by the same man. Feeling despair and regret for not being able to do anything for the people calling for help even though she was on the other end of the line, she eventually became a voice profiler. She takes up the position of director of the Emergency Command Centre and sets up the Emergency Call Unit within the Centre.

Masuda Takahisa as Ishikawa Toru
An investigator with Koto Police Precinct’s Emergency Call Unit. He used to belong to the Violent Crimes Section and still calls Higuchi Shogo who was the head of the section at the time, “brother” and greatly admires him. He was assigned to the Emergency Call Unit along with Higuchi. He mainly investigates with Higuchi at crime scenes and is also someone whom Higuchi trusts.

Kimura Yuichi as Okihara Takashi
The head of Koto Police Precinct’s Violent Crimes Section. He and Higuchi Shogo are peers and they once solved numerous cases as partners. However, after the Emergency Call Unit is established, he frequently has confrontations with Higuchi and his men who get ahead of his team and investigate as they please.

Kikuchi Momoko as Higuchi Miki
Higuchi Shogo’s wife. She had been supporting vulnerable people as a social worker. Her husband and son were the most important to her.

Hamada Hideya (Zettai Reido Season 3, Yake ni Ben no Tatsu Bengoshi ga Gakkou de Hoeru)

Original Work
Voice by CJ ENM

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