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Career woman Morishita Harumi is divorced and has a 12-year-old daughter Saki. She has been living happily with Amaya Kyohei, who is the son of some family that runs a conglomerate, since six years ago even though theirs is a common-law marriage. Although Harumi and Kyohei see each other every day, they are practically never together the whole time. She believes that this kind of married life suits them. One day, the police notify her that Kyohei was brought to a hospital unconscious. When Harumi rushes to the hospital, he is already in a critical condition. Then two other women claiming to be his wives, Ogura Kanako and Fujimiya Akane, turn up. While the three wives panic to see each other, Kyohei draws his last breath. Harumi, Kanako and Akane are stunned by this situation beyond their wildest imagination. The three of them are informed by the detective Tsukamoto Miho, who is an old acquaintance of Kyohei’s, that he was murdered by someone. This shocks them and they get into an argument over who is his real wife. Furthermore, the three of them end up living together because of his will. A shocking fact becomes known. He will leave 300 million yen to only one wife. Who is the person he loved the most?

Koike Eiko as Morishita Harumi
A single mother and career woman who is a force to be reckoned with at the food company where she is a director. She lives with her 12-year-old daughter Saki in a high-rise apartment building. A gutsy woman who is called a “carnivore” at the company, she is good at her job and admired by her juniors. She threw herself into her job and worked her way up to her current position for the sake of herself and Saki. She is too dedicated to her work. When she was feeling down about her relationship with her daughter, her job as well as interpersonal relationships, which were not going very well, she meets the mysterious Amaya Kyohei who later became her husband. Although she is self-assured and does not show her weaknesses, he sees through everything and she can behave like a different person in front of him. She is happiest being with him right now.

Ryo as Ogura Kanako
A single mother who lives with her son Toru, a junior high school student who is a gamer with the ambition to be an esports player. She is a stoic and vivacious person. But before this, she used to be reserved, think negatively and always looked gloomy. Then she met her husband Amaya Kyohei. She became a confident, cheerful person thanks to him – capable of living life the way she likes. She is now a popular personal trainer who is called a charismatic beauty. She has complete faith in Kyohei who even gives her career advice. Although her relationship with him is a common-law marriage, she tells the people around her that they are married. Because she often brags about her husband, she is perceived to have the ideal marriage.

Okamoto Rei as Fujimiya Akane
A single mother who works as a childcare teacher and is bring up a naughty twin boy and girl. She has a good sense of balance in work. She is attractive and well-liked by both men and women for her gentle and kind personality. Because she abhors conflicts she will sneak out of a place when any trouble occurs. Many men hit on her since she does not wear a wedding ring. However, she will tell them that she is married. She is indifferent to her colleagues who point out that hers is probably a common-law marriage as she trusts her husband Amaya Kyohei who loves children. She dearly loves and relies on Kyohei who is well-educated and also knowledgeable.

Akaso Eiji as Matsuda Hideaki
He was hired by Someya Fumie to investigate who asked for Amaya Kyohei to be killed, and does the chores at the shared house. He is one of the men who murdered Kyohei and fled from the crime scene. Kyohei entrusted him with something before he died. He meets Kyohei’s three common-law wives and begins to come to terms with who he really is.

Kuroki Keiji as Mori Yusaku
A vicious criminal who has taken on numerous crimes through a dark site including abduction, robberies and murders. He had a direct hand in Amaya Kyohei’s death. He is also seems connected to the unsolved Kita Kamiyacho murder case. He threatens Matsuda Hideaki who works at the shared house and attempts to seize the 3 million yen but his actual interest turns out to be Kyohei. He has a good grasp of depth psychology as well as behavioural psychology, and is a psychopath who gets a thrill out of toying with people’s minds.

Watanabe Makiko as Tsukamoto Miho
An assistant inspector at Sumida Police Precinct who is pursuing Amaya Kyohei’s murder case. She became acquainted with Kyohei at a yakitori shop where they are regulars. She had been doing well in her work as someone on the career track. However, she was called a traitor for exposing the misdeeds of her superior and lost her place in the organisation. She was eventually transferred to a police precinct, and worked her way up after that. She has to square off with Kyohei’s wives – Morishita Harumi, Ogura Kanako and ujimiya Akane – as well as two men connected to the unsolved murder case – Mori Yusaku and Matsuda Hideaki.

Hirayama Hiroyuki as Amaya Kyohei
A man wrapped in lies and mystery. He had common-law marriages with three women. One day, he ended up being killed and the reason for his way of life remained unknown.

Natsuki Mari as Someya Fumie
The manager of the shared house. She is about to come into possession of the property two months after his death as stipulated in his will. She is an important person who holds the key to the story. Her emotions are intense and the average person probably cannot understand her. However, she occasionally shows flashes of warmth and proves not to be an eccentric person. She plays the role of the person who will determine which of Kyohei’s three wives are worthy to inherit the 300 million yen according to his will.

Nishi Kosuke (Zettai Seigi, Napoleon no Mura, Mozu Series)
Miura Kisa (Ghost Town, Kodaikei no Hitobito)
Honda Takaaki (Silent Voice, Daishou, Retake)

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