Baby Sitter Gin!

Babysitter Gin

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From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 30 June 2019

NHK BS Premium

Shimoochiai Gin is a baby sitter who dresses like an English lady even though he is a man. A professional certified by the Royal British Association for Nannies, the eccentric Gin brings love to angst-filled parents and children. Ignoring the opposition of his younger sister Mimiko, who is the CEO of Shimoochiai Poppins Club, he pushes ahead in this line of work. One day, Mimiko receives a phone call from Oka Kumiko. Kumiko is raising a six-month old son Naoya and lives with her husband Makoto, who even has a reputation in the neighbourhood for his good looks. Makoto’s mother Yachiyo is a well-known author of books on raising children and advocates “happy parenting”. However, Kumiko is exhausted from child-rearing. Gin comes to visit her and also confronts Makoto who does not understand his wife’s worries. Gin supports Kumiko both emotionally and physically, and she gradually begins to feel refreshed.

Ohno Takuro as Shimoochiai Gin
A babysitter of Shimoochiai Poppins Club, he dresses like an English lady. He is full of maternal love and struggles with troubled parents and children every day. He feels that babysitting is his calling and wears female clothing to make his work easier.

Yuriyan Retriever as Shimoochiai Mimiko
Shimoochiai Gin’s younger sister. The Shimoochiais used to control a conglomerate but the mansion is all that now remains of the family’s assets and they try to maintain a steady income by starting a baby sitting business. However, she is troubled that it is not getting off the ground.

Takahashi Hitomi as Kamioka Yachiyo
The mother-in-law of Oka Kumiko who is having trouble with raising her baby son. A well-known expert in raising children, she advocates “happy parenting”. She has made many appearances on television and written many books. She regards Shimoochiai Gin with hostility.

Ryu Raita as Nakatsugawa Ryunosuke
The Shimoochiai family’s butler. Although he laments about Shimoochiai Gin, the heir of the family, being a baby sitter, he assists Gin through his extensive network time and again.

Izumisawa Yoko (Dairenai, Itsumade mo Shiroi Hane, Lunch no Akko-san)
Shimada Ureha (Diary, Zenryoku Shissou, Sumika Sumire)

Original Work
Baby Sitter Gin! by Yamato Waki

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