Summer 2019 Dramas

Kansatsui Asagao
Date: From 9.00 p.m., Mondays, 8 July 2019
Station: Fuji TV
Scriptwriter: Nemoto Nonji (Fruits Takuhaibin, Ten Tenhodori no Kaidanji, Izakaya Fuji)
Original Work: Kansatsui Asagao by Kagawa Masahito
Cast: Ueno Juri, Tokito Saburo, Kazama Shunsuke, Shida Mirai, Nakao Akiyoshi, Morimoto Shintaro, Sakanoue Akane, Totsugi Shigeyuki, Hiraiwa Kami, Yamaguchi Tomoko, Ishida Hikari, Miyake Hiroki, Itao Itsuji, Emoto Akira
Synopsis: Maki Asagao (Ueno Juri) is a rookie forensic pathologist who works at Kouun University’s Department of Forensic Medicine in Kanagawa Prefecture. While she is still a novice, she possesses outstanding skills and a wealth of knowledge that has earned her the respect of the people around her. She is a loving, compassionate and sincere young woman who cares more about others than herself. However, Asagao not only lost her mother (Ishida Hikari) in the Great East Japan Earthquake but continues to feel raw grief that the body has not even been found. This sorrow has given her an unshakeable conviction as a forensic doctor to never allow a death to go unidentified. She lives with her father Taira (Tokito Saburo), who is a veteran detective. One day, he unexpectedly transfers to a police precinct’s investigation unit which has jurisdiction over Kouun University. If a dead body is found, the police will bring it to the department where Asagao works. So Asagao now has to work with her father.

Boku Mada Kimi

Boku wa Mada Kimi o Aisanai Koto ga Dekiru
Date: From 15 July 2019 (updated on Mondays)
Station: Fuji on Demand
Scriptwriters: Arai Yuka (Kimi wa Petto (2017), Watashi no Uchi ni wa Nanimo Nai, Tokyo Sentimental), Koga Fumie (Kimi wa Petto (2017), Itazurana Kiss 2 (2014))
Original Work: In Time with You
Genre: Romance
Cast: Adachi Rika, Shirasu Jin, Asaka Kodai, Matsumoto Kiyo, Sakuma Yu, Nagano Munenori, Saori, Nakamura Kumi, Hirokawa Mitsunori, Kato Kazuko
Synopsis: Mitari Yo (Adachi Rika) is a career woman who works for a shoe maker. She finds her work rewarding and has successfully advanced in her career. But she keeps having her heart broken and her romantic life has not gone very well lately. Ishida Ren (Shirasu Jin) works for a developer and is Yo’s best friend. An ex-classmate from both high school and university days, he understands her the best and is the only person she pours her heart out to. On Yo’s 29th birthday, the two friends place a wager to give 300,000 yen as a congratulatory gift to the one who is the first to get married by the last day they are 30. Although they declare that it is impossible for them to fall in love with each other, this wager as well as advances by Ren’s junior in the company and Yo’s reunion with her ex-boyfriend Mizusawa Ryusei (Asaka Kodai) lead to gradual changes in the relationship of the two best friends.

Legal Heart

Legal Heart ~ Inochi no Saiken Bengoshi
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Mondays, 22 July 2019
Station: TV Tokyo
Scriptwriter: Nishiogi Yumie (Joshu Seven, SPEC Series, Tamiou)
Original Work: Inochi no Saiken Bengoshi ~ Kaisha to Kazoku o Ikikaeraseru by Muramatsu Kenichi
Genre: Legal
Cast: Sorimachi Takashi, Koike Eiko, Horii Arata, Wakui Emi, Hashizume Isao, Matsumoto Rumi, Mizusawa Rintaro, Tabata Shima, Ishiguro Ken (guest star), Takahashi Hitomi (guest star), Takashima Masahiro (guest star)
Synopsis: Murakoshi Seiichi (Sorimachi Takashi) is a lawyer who rescues small and medium-sized companies that are on the brink of bankruptcy. He tries to impart knowledge to the people involved to protect their livelihoods, give them courage and hope, and draw out the strength to take the step towards turning around the company. As long as there is just 0.01% of hope, Murakoshi will sometimes use surprisingly legal methods to save people from bankruptcy as he tenaciously faces off with their creditors.

Two Weeks

Two Weeks
Date: From 9.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 16 July 2019
Station: Fuji TV
Scriptwriter: Yamaura Masahiro (Miss Devil, Zenigata Keibu Series, Umi ni Furu)
Original Work: Two Weeks by MBC
Genre: Suspense
Cast: Miura Haruma, Yoshine Kyoko, Higa Manami, Miura Takahiro, Inagaki Kurumi, Kondo Koen, Suzuki Jin, Buffalo Goro A, Kamio Yu, Kubota Yuki, Hara Sachie, Ikeda Tetsuhiro, Takashima Masanobu, Kuroki Hitomi
Synopsis: Yuki Daichi (Miura Haruma) previously served time for attempted murder and now feels no hope in life. He spends each day just living for the moment. Then one day, his girlfriend Aoyagi Sumire (Higa Manami), who was the only one he ever loved deeply but told him they were over due to some incident, shows up. She says that she gave birth to their daughter whom she calls Hana (Inagaki Kurumi). Hana is now 8 years old and has leukemia. Although Yuki is bewildered this sudden revelation, he feels fondness as a father when he meets Hana for the first time at the hospital. As luck would have it, Yuki learns that he is a match with Hana and this gives him meaning in life once again. However, he is framed by someone and ends up getting arrested for a murder. With the bone marrow transplant surgery scheduled to take place two weeks later, Yuki goes on the run in order to save Hana’s life.
Preview: Two Weeks Teaser


Heaven? Gokuraku Restaurant
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 9 July 2019
Station: TBS
Scriptwriter: Yoshida Erika (Hana Nochi Hare, Dansui)
Original Work: Heaven? Gokuraku Restaurant by Sasaki Noriko
Genre: Comedy
Cast: Ishihara Satomi, Fukushi Sota, Shison Jun, Katsumura Masanobu, Dante Yasunori, Kishibe Ittoku
Synopsis: Iga Kan (Fukushi Sota) has been working at a French restaurant. He is serious and inflexible. Because he cannot even smile for the sake of customer service, both his colleagues and customers have a low opinion of him. However, a mysterious woman named Kurosu Kanako (Ishihara Satomi), who has a high regard for him, shows up. She scouts Iga for the French restaurant that she is going to open soon. “My staff need to have originality. You’ll certainly be a good service guy,” she tells him. Iga is moved by her words and decides to work at her restaurant. But this restaurant is located in a cemetery far from train stations, shopping districts and even residential areas. In addition, the employees that Kanako has assembled are all novices – Kawai Taichi (Shison Jun), a former trainee hairdresser; Tsutsumi Keitaro (Katsumura Masanobu), a manager of a beef bowl shop for five years; Yamagata Shigeomi (Kishibe Ittoku), a retired banker who is a qualified sommelier – with no prior experience with the exception of Ozawa Yukio (Dante Yasunori), a talented chef who has had the misfortune of working in restaurants that all subsequently closed down. Why has Kanako brought them together and will the restaurant be able to open without incident?
Preview: Heaven? Gokuraku Restaurant Teaser


Date: From 1.28 a.m., Wednesdays, 3 July 2019
Station: TBS
Scriptwriter: Tsugita Jun (Giver, Deadstock)
Original Work: Roujin Kui by Suzuki Daisuke
Cast: Sugino Yosuke, Maeno Tomoya, Yamamoto Maika, Tozuka Junki, Fukuyama Shodai, Mizuma Ron, Wakabayashi Takuya, Hanamura Asuka, Yanagi Shuntaro, Yamanaka Takashi, Wada Masato, Nishida Naomi, Sugimoto Tetta
Synopsis: After graduating from a prestigious private university, Kusano Seiji (Sugino Yosuke) gets a job at a big company and lives the life of a winner. However, he is one of the new graduates axed merely six months into his job because of the economic downturn precipitated by the collapse of Lehman Brothers. At the same time, Kusano’s father falls sick and has to undergo expensive treatment that is not covered by insurance. To make matters worse, he cannot find another job and is pressed by the bank to repay his student loan. Kusano feels despair. He ends up doing a shady part-time job where he can make hundreds of thousands a day. He is the front man who takes the cash that old people targeted in fraud involving phone calls feigning distress have deposited from ATMs. After Kusano shows his mettle, he is forced to be the caller who makes the phone call to the old people. Although Kusano is conflicted by his rapid progress as a fraudster, he attempts to make a quick buck and break free from the underworld but … …
Preview: Scams CM

Gisou Furin

Gisou Furin
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Wednesdays, 10 July 2019
Station: NTV
Scriptwriter: Eto Rin (Survival Wedding, Nodame Cantabile Series)
Original Work: Gisou Furin by Higashimura Akiko
Genre: Romance
Cast: Anne, Miyazawa Hio, Nakama Yukie, Seto Toshiki, Tahihara Shosuke, Megumi, Tanaka Michiko, Natsuko, Izawa Hiroshi, Asaka Mayumi
Synopsis: Hama Shoko (Anne) is a temporary employee in her 30s. She is single, lives with her parents (Izawa Hiroshi, Asaka Mayumi) and has grown weary of looking for a marriage partner. One day, she meets Banno Joe (Miyazawa Hio), a charming, handsome younger man on an plane as she sets off a solo trip. The two of them end up having a meal together at the destination. However, Shoko ends up lying to him that she is already married, wanting to pretend that she is someone’s woman instead of a spinster. She gets an unexpected chance at romance with this “married” tag when he proposes that she have a fling with him during this trip. Shoko learns the joy of romance for the first time through this “limited-time romance”. Although she tells herself that this is an affair to Joe and not pure love, she gradually falls too deep. Can this happiness be called true happiness?

Sign ~ Houigaku Yuzuki Takashi no Jiken
Date: From 9.00 p.m., Thursdays, 11 July 2019
Station: TV Asahi
Scriptwriters: Habara Daisuke (Spiral, Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, Godan), Kosaka Takafumi (Kinkyuu Torishirabeshitsu Season 3, Genkai Danchi, Temisu no Kyuukei)
Original Work: Sign by SBS
Genre: Suspense
Cast: Omori Nao, Matsuyuki Yasuko, Iitoyo Marie, Takasugi Mahiro, Satsukawa Aimi, Fuchikami Yasushi, Yoshida Oolongta, Kokubo Toshihito, Yokoyama Ryo, Yanagi Miki, Ino Manabu, Morikawa Aoi, Kinoshita Houka, Rijuu Go, Nishida Toshiyuki (guest star), Nakamura Toru
Synopsis: The Japan Forensic Research Institute is co-managed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as well as the National Police Agency. The forensic pathologists listen to the silent voices of the dead but come up against the powerful who cover up inconvenient truths. One of pathologists is the eccentric Yuzuki Takashi (Omori Nao) will pursue the truth and justice without yielding to authority. Despite failures, setbacks, betrayals and intrigue, the pathologists and their associates press on in their quest for signs of the truth left on the bodies and justice. In every case, the “truth” they uncover exists side by side with the “truth” fabricated by those with power. They find themselves in a fierce fight to the finish as both sides try to establish that their “truth” is the actual truth. In the midst of this, a popular singer’s death leads to maneuvering behind the scenes by someone with immense power beyond imagining, and the “truth” that the pathologists have arrived at gets buried in darkness.

Lupin no Musume

Lupin no Musume
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Thursdays, 11 July 2019
Station: Fuji TV
Scriptwriter: Tokunaga Yuichi (Strawberry Night Saga, Good Doctor, Keiji Yugami)
Original Work: Lupin no Musume by Yokozeki Dai
Genre: Romantic comedy
Cast: Fukada Kyoko, Seto Koji, Ozawa Maju, Kurihara Rui, Donguri, Fujioka Hiroshi (guest star), Kato Ryo, Onuki Yusuke, Sato Honami, Shida Masayuki, Marcia, Maro Akaji, Watabe Atsuro
Synopsis: Mikumo Hana (Fukada Kyoko) is the daughter of the big thief Lupin (Watabe Atsuro). Although she is more talented at stealing than anyone else in the family (Ozawa Maju, Kurihara Rui, Donguri, Maro Akaji), she declines to take over the family business and works as a librarian in order to live an ordinary life. Hana is seriously dating Sakuraba Kazuma (Seto Koji) who works at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Third Division which specalises in catching thieves. One day, Kazuma brings Hana home and she panics when she learns for the first time that he comes from a family of police officers. His parents Norikazu (Shida Masayuki) and Misako (Marcia) are opposed their marriage simply because Hana is not a member of the police force. Their long-cherished wish is to produce a detective with the First Investigation Division, and they will agree to his marriage on condition that he moves to the Division. So Kazuma hopes to distinguish himself by arresting Lupin’s family which is famous even within the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department even though no one knows who they are.

Watashi Danna o Share Shiteta
Date: From 11.59 p.m., Thursdays, 4 July 2019
Station: NTV
Scriptwriters: Nishi Kosuke (Zettai Seigi, Napoleon no Mura, Mozu Series), Miura Kisa (Ghost Town, Kodaikei no Hitobito), Honda Takaaki (Silent Voice, Daishou, Retake)
Genre: Mystery
Cast: Koike Eiko, Ryou, Okamoto Rei, Akaso Eiji, Kuroki Keiji, Watanabe Makiko, Hirayama Hiroyuki, Natsuki Mari
Synopsis: Single mother Morishita Harumi (Koike Eiko) lived happily with her beloved husband Amaya Kyohei (Hirayama Hiroyuki) even though theirs was a common-law marriage. One day, the police notify her that someone murdered her husband. When Harumi rushes to the hospital, two other women, Ogura Kanako (Ryou) and Fujimiya Akane (Okamoto Rei), claiming to be his wives turn up. Furthermore, the three of them end up living together because of his will. A shocking fact becomes known. He will only leave 300 million yen to only one wife. Who is the person he loved the most?


Coffee & Vanilla
Date: From 12.59 a.m., Fridays, 5 July 2019
Station: TBS
Scriptwriter: Shimoda Yuko (Bungaku Shojo)
Original Work: Coffee & Vanilla by Akegami Takara
Genre: Romance
Cast: Fukuhara Haruka, Sakurada Dori, Kuroba Mario, Ogoe Yuki, Hama Shogo, Kita Noa
Synopsis: 20-year-old Shiragi Risa (Fukuhara Haruka) has just come up to Tokyo from her hometown in Kyushu to attend university. She is popular and treated like someone beyond the reach of the people around her. But she actually has no experience in love. Risa dreams of a tantalisingly sweet romance. One day, while she is having a problem with someone persistently hitting on her, a good-looking man (Sakurada Dori) in a suit shows up. He smartly rescues her and they end up going for a meal so that she can also thank him. This man is Fukami Hiroto, a businessman and they start to date. At first, Risa is estactic with her boyfriend but his hidden past, presence of a rival CEO, Akutsu Takaaki (Kuroba Mario), and love rivals Yoshiki Tsubasa (Ogoe Yuki) and Ichiyanagi Yuki (Hama Shogo), makes their love bitter sweet.


Nagi no Oitoma
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Fridays, July 2019
Station: TBS
Scriptwriter: Oshima Satomi (Boukyaku no Sachiko Series, Anata ni wa Kaeru Ie ga Aru, Machi Kouba no Onna)
Original Work: Nagi no Oitoma by Konari Misato
Cast: Kuroki Haru, Takahashi Issei, Nakamura Tomoya, Ichikawa Mikako, Takiuchi Kumi, Otsuka Chihiro, Fujimoto Izumi, Mizutani Kaho, Karata Erika, Shiratori Tamaki, Nakata Kurumi, Tani Kyosuke, Tamoto Soran, Katahira Nagisa, Yoshida Yo, Mita Yoshiko
Synopsis: 28-year-old Oshima Nagi (Kuroki Haru) works for a home appliance manufacturer in Tokyo. She conforms to her surroundings as she constantly gauges people’s moods. Because of that, her goal is to pass each day without incident. However, as a result of reading too much into situations and pushing herself too hard, she collapses from hyperventilation. One day, Nagi’s boyfriend Gamon Shinji (Takahashi Issei) says something that breaks her heart. This prompts her to reexamine her life, and she makes the decision to change it. She resigns from her company, cancels the contract for the apartment she is living in and also stops communicating with everyone including Shinji. She plans to reset her life in order to be happy and let her naturally curly hair, which she has a hang-up about, grow out as is.
Preview: Nagi no Oitoma Teaser

Semi Otoko
Date: From 11.15 p.m., Fridays, 26 July 2019
Station: TV Asahi
Scriptwriter: Okada Yoshikazu (Monroe ga Shinda Hi, Hiyokko Series, Kibogaoka no Hitobito)
Genre: Romance
Cast: Yamada Ryosuke, Kinami Haruka, Imada Mio, Yamazaki Shizuyo, Yatsui Ichiro, Kitamura Yukiya, Sagawa Sawako, Dan Fumi
Synopsis: Semi (Yamada Ryosuke), the cicada, was born in the garden grounds connected to Utsusemiso, an apartment building in the outskirts of Tokyo. He grew underground for several years and when he finally emerged on the surface, he was nearly crushed beneath a woman who had fallen. She is Okawa Yuka (Kinami Haruka), a resident of Utsusemiso. Yuka works for a food company and has never had a day when good things happen to her. Although he was saved from being squashed by her quick wits, Semi senses her loneliness. Out of a burning desire to make her smile, he transforms into a human and appears before her. Semi proposes to be with Yuka for seven days and do anything to repay her for saving his life. This is the beginning of their limited time together, but … …

Afro Tanaka

Afro Tanaka
Date: From 12.00 a.m., Saturdays, 6 July 2019
Network: WOWOW
Scriptwriters: Sakai Yoshifumi (Sabori Man Kantaro), Ishida Yusuke
Original Work: Joukyou Afro Tanaka by Noritsuke Masaharu
Genre: Comedy
Cast: Kaku Kento, Kaho, Matsuo Satoru, Shiraishi Shunya, Ozawa Yukiyoshi, Murakawa Eri, Shimizu Hazuki, Konno Anna, Watanabe Eri
Synopsis: Tanaka Hiroshi (Kaku Kento) transfers to a high school in Saitama Prefecture.
Preview: Afro Tanaka CM

I Turn

I Turn
Date: From 12.12 a.m., Saturdays, 13 July 2019
Station: TV Tokyo
Scriptwriter: Uchida Eiji
Original Work: I Turn by Fukuzawa Tetsuzo
Cast: Muro Tsuyoshi, Furuta Arata, Tanaka Kei, Suzuki Airi, Watanabe Daichi, Tezuka Toru, Watanabe Makiko, Kawahara Masahiko, Morita Misato, Hannya, Tamoto Soran, Aijima Kazuyuki, Sasano Takashi, Kuroki Hitomi
Synopsis: 45-year-old Komae Mitsuo (Muro Tsuyoshi) is a salesman who works for an advertising company. He gets demoted from the head office and transferred to a small branch office in the countryside. He has to leave his wife Atsuko (Watanabe Makiko) and daughter behind in and go alone to this “hellish town” which controlled by gangsters. Komae becomes the manager of the branch office which only has a pathetic two employees. He is stuck with the unreasonable demand to boost performance or face immediate closure and dismissal. With a home loan and his daughter’s further education to consider, Komae plans to increase sales with the skills he honed back at headquarters. Meanwhile, he receives a sudden phone call from a client regarding the production of new flyers they have undertaken. The CEO, Ryuzaki Kenji (Tanaka Kei), is absolutely furious. A single mistake dramatically is about to change Komae’s life. He discovers that his client is a company run by a gang called Ryuzaki-gumi. This is the beginning of a nightmare.


Date: From 1.55 a.m., Saturdays, 13 July 2019
Station: Fuji TV
Scriptwriter: Sunada Asami
Original Work: Junichi by Inoue Areno
Genre: Romance
Cast: Shison Jun, Kaho, Fujii Mina, Eguchi Noriko, Makita Aju, Ito Marika, Harada Mieko
Synopsis: Junichi (Shison Jun) is a mysterious young man who instantly charms women from 16 to 62. Unemployed and homeless, he goes from one woman to another as he fancies. There is the pregnant Eiko (Fujii Mina); Tamaki (Kaho) who is sleeping with her younger sister’s husband; the widow Ayuko (Harada Mieko) who suspects her husband of infidelity; Chihiro (Eguchi Noriko) who is constrained by her husband; high school girl Rui (Makita Aju) who wants to lose her virginity; and Mika (Ito Marika) who hunts for a man every day … … Junichi shows up out of nowhere amidst their lonely daily lives and disappears just as he came … …

W Kenkei no Higeki
Date: From 9.00 p.m., Saturdays, 27 July 2019
Station: BS Tokyo
Scriptwriter: –
Original Work: W Kenkei no Higeki by Hamanaka Aki
Genre: Suspense
Cast: Ashina Sei, Sato Hitomi (guest star), Satsukawa Aimi (guest star), Tanimura Mitsuki (guest star)
Synopsis: A gathering of the top brass of the prefectural police headquarters, dubbed “Entaku Kaigi” or roundtable conference, is held in a special private room at Tamayoshien, the most exclusive Chinese restaurant in W Prefecture. One woman is summoned to this tremendously powerful roundtable, which is the highest decision-making body. She is an inspector called Matsunaga Nahoko (Ashina Sei). Nahoko pushes herself every day with the intention of becoming a member of this roundatble in order to pave the way for female police officers in the prefectural police which remains chauvinistic and old-fashioned. Her job is a position that can be called “police among the police” and she holds her own with female police officers in the various police precincts, making full use of her powers of observation and insight. However, none of them are easy women. Even so, Nahoko is broad-minded enough to be tolerant with an eye toward joining the Entaku Kaigi. But each woman seems to have some sort of secret … …

Mirror Twins

Mirror Twins Season 2
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 8 June 2019 (continues from first season on Fuji TV)
Networks: Fuji TV & WOWOW
Scriptwriter: Takahashi Yuya (Hi no Ko, Angel Heart, Tenshi to Akuma)
Genre: Suspense
Cast: Fujigaya Taisuke, Kurashina Kana, Watanabe Dai, Satoi Kenta, Takahashi Katsunori, Furuya Ikkou, Nakamura Shunsuke, Kirishima Reika, Hirai Rio, Fukuda Yuta, Miyazaki Yoshiko, Hirayama Yusuke
Synopsis: Katsuragi Keigo (Fujigaya Taisuke) is a detective with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. The only evidence discovered at the scene of a case that he is investigating, is DNA that is exactly the same as his and he finds himself under pursuit. He wonders if the criminal is his older twin brother Yugo (Fujigaya Taisuke) who was abducted and went missing as a child. Despite having the same genes, their lives have turned out like two sides of a mirror. That is why deep in their hearts, each twin thinks that he is different from the other. Which one is truly evil and which one is righteous?!
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Poison Daughter

Poison Daughter, Holy Mother
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 6 July 2019
Network: WOWOW
Scriptwriter: Shimizu Yukako (Reverse, Fukigenna Kajitsu (2016), Onna Sore o Yurusanai)
Original Work: Poison Daughter, Holy Mother by Minato Kanae
Genre: Mystery
Cast: Terajima Shinobu, Adachi Rika, Kiyohara Kaya, Nakamura Yuri, Kurashina Kana, Takahashi Yuto, Ito Ayumi
Synopsis: Actress Fujiyoshi Yumika (Adachi Rika) has been troubled by her mother Yoshika (Terajima Shinobu) since young. She regards her mother who tries to control her the way she wants, as a toxic parent. Yumika runs to Tokyo in an act of rebellion but she is unable to break free. Yoshika’s machinations cause her to split up with a man and lose important work. Learning about this, Yumika accuses her mother on a talk show and this generates tremendous response. Meanwhile, the people who know Yoshika, regard her as a caring mother and certainly not a toxic parent. Yoshika reflects on her own life after hearing what Yumika said, and decides to let go of her daughter. But … …

Voice 110

Voice 110 Kinkyuu Shireishitsu
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 13 July 2019
Station: NTV
Scriptwriter: Hamada Shuya (Zettai Reido Season 3, Yake ni Ben no Tatsu Bengoshi ga Gakkou de Hoeru, Chef)
Original Work: Voice by CJ ENM
Genre: Suspense
Cast: Karasawa Toshiaki, Maki Yoko, Masuda Takahisa, Kimura Yuichi, Ishibashi Natsumi, Tamura Kentaro, Yasui Junpei, Koichi Mantaro, Yahagi Honoka, YOU, Kikuchi Momoko, Yoshikawa Ai (guest star)
Synopsis: Higuchi Shogo (Karasawa Toshiaki) is a detective of the First Investigative Division. His wife Miki (Kikuchi Momoko) was struck in the head with a blunt object and murdered in brutal fashion. Right before she was killed, she had called the emergency command centre to ask for help as she tried to run away. But at that time, the centre did not have the capability to pinpoint her location. It called her back instead and this sound alerted the killer to where she was. Higuchi, who was pursuing a fugitive in another case, only learnt this devastating truth after everything had ended. The police was certain that the suspect Sagara Takuya was his wife’s murderer from the clothes found at Sagara’s house and he was tried. However, Tachibana Hikari (Maki Yoko), the police officer who received the emergency call, testified that the voice she heard at the time of the incident, was not his. She added that there was a faint clacking sound and asserts that the killer is someone else. As a result, Sagara was released and the case was never solved. Three years later, Higuchi has become a different man after his wife’s death, and transferred to work at a police box. Meanwhile, Hikari becomes the head of the emergency command centre. When Higuchi learns about this, he barges into the centre, demanding to know why she said that she could hear things no one else could. Hikari asks if he would believe her if she told the truth. At that moment, a call comes in from someone who says she has been kidnapped … …!

Beshari Gurashi

Beshari Gurashi
Date: From 11.15 p.m., Saturdays, 27 July 2019
Station: TV Asahi
Scriptwriter: Tokunaga Tomihiko (Aibou Seasons 7 – 17, Dele, Keiji 7-nin Series)
Original Work: Beshari Gurashi by Morita Masanori
Cast: Mamiya Shotaro, Watanabe Daichi, Yamoto Yuma, Koshiba Fuka, Suruga Taro, Hotta Mayu, Nakagawa Chika, Yanagi Yurina, Osada Seiya, Maeda Koki, Onoue Hiroyuki, Shinohara Yukiko, Tokunaga Eri, Terajima Susumu
Synopsis: Azuma Keisuke (Mamiya Shotaro) is the king of laughter who loves making people crack up. He is willing to put his life on the line and do anything to make people laugh. One day, Tsujimoto Jun (Watanabe Daichi), who is a high school student yet also a former professional entertainer, transfers from Osaka to the same class as Keisuke. At first, the two of them clash but eventually form a comic duo called Kisoba Automatic and take the path towards the tough world of standup comedy.

No Side Game

No Side Game*UPDATED*
Date: From 9.00 p.m., Sundays, 7 July 2019
Station: TBS
Scriptwriter: Ushio Kentaro (Shitamachi Rocket Season 2, Black Pean, Chiisana Kyojin)
Original Work: No Side Game by Ikeido Jun
Genre: Corporate
Cast: Oizumi Yo, Matsu Takako, Maeda Gordon, Sasamoto Rena, Amano Yoshihisa, Hirose Toshiaki, Saito Yuya, Hayashiya Tamahei, Koji, Kaku So, Murata Rin, Saigo Teruhiko, Otani Ryohei, Nakamura Shikan, Kamikawa Takaya, Takahashi Mitsuomi, Katsuyama Sho, Enomoto Teppei, Mayumi Yoji, Iino Yuki, Tanuma Hiroyuki, Tsurugasaki Yoshiaki, Kabuki Takayuki, Mizumoto Tatsuya, Hatamoto Taro, Kitagawa Yuji, Nakamura Shinsuke, Ibuki Seisuke, Morimoto Ryoma, Ishikawa Yuta, Itagaki Yuta, Hetsu Kanta, Konishi Masaru, Takahashi Gintaro, Iwatsume Wataru, Inoue Takuya, Arai Ryuichi, Akune Jun, Kudo Genki
Synopsis: Kimijima Hayato (Oizumi Yo) is a mid-level salaryman who works for a large manufacturer Tokiwa Motor. He is said to be leading the field of candidates for an executive position. However, he is relegated to be the administrative manager of a regional plant as a result of opposing an acquisition led by his boss. This transfer is against his wishes but this is also the fate of a salaryman. As a disconsolate Kimijima takes up his position at the plant, he is ordered to double as the general manager of Tokiwa Motor’s rugby team Astros (Amano Yoshihisa, Hirose Toshiaki, Saito Yuya, Tanuma Hiroyuki, Tsurugasaki Yoshiaki, Kitagawa Yuji, Nakamura Shinsuke, Akune Jun). Astros was once a mighty team. However, it has been mired in a slump. Rebuilding a team is a heavy burden for Kimijima who lacks knowledge and experience in rugby. He begins his battle to make a comeback with a struggling rugby team and no hope for career advancement. Saimon Takuma (Otani Ryohei) who has experience coaching university rugby clubs is invited to be the coach of Astros, and becomes Kimijima’s partner in rebuilding the team.
Preview: No Side Game Teaser

Kami no Te

Kami no Te
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 23 June 2019
Network: WOWOW
Scriptwriter: Tanaka Hiroshi (Yokokuhan)
Original Work: Kami no Te by Kusakabe Yo
Genre: Medical
Cast: Shiina Kippei, Sugimoto Tetta, Suzuki Sawa, Kitamura Yukiya, Hoshino Mari, Ashina Sei, Hayama Shono, Inoue Hajime, Sakai Maki, Kondo Masaomi
Synopsis: After surgeon Shirakawa Yasuo (Shiina Kippei) has tried every possible means for his 21-year-old patient Furubayashi Shotaro (Hayama Shono) who has terminal cancer, he makes the agonising decision and chooses euthanasia in the end. However, Shotaro’s mother Yasuyo (Suzuki Sawa), who is a journalist, brings a charge against him. Was it murder or manslaughter? While this becomes the talk of the town for consecutive days, it makes the legalisation of euthanasia, which had already been debated, seem very real. Behind the scene are groups seeking to pass a bill legalising euthanasia and drastic medical reforms, doctors opposed to mercy killing and Yasuyo who plans to make use of the mass media. Shirakawa soon gets engulfed this torrent.
Preview: Kami no Te Teaser

Babysitter Gin

Baby Sitter Gin!
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 30 June 2019
Station: NHK BS Premium
Scriptwriters: Izumisawa Yoko (Dairenai, Itsumade mo Shiroi Hane, Lunch no Akko-san), Shimada Ureha (Diary, Zenryoku Shissou, Sumika Sumire)
Original Work: Baby Sitter Gin! by Yamato Waki
Cast: Ohno Takuro, Yuriyan Retriever, Takahashi Hitomi, Ryu Raita, Suzuki Ann (guest star), Watabe Gota  
Synopsis: Gin (Ohno Takuro) is a baby sitter who dresses like an English lady even though he is a man. The unconventional looking Gin solves the parenting problems of all sorts of families with his own distinctive style.

Soshite, Ikiru
Date: From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 4 August 2019
Network: WOWOW
Scriptwriter: Okada Yoshikazu (Hiyokko Series, Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni, Kibougaoka no Hitobito)
Genre: Romance
Cast: Arimura Kasumi, Sakaguchi Kentaro, Ji-young, Okayama Amane, Hagiwara Masato, Mitsuishi Ken, Minami Kaho
Synopsis: Ikuta Toko’s (Arimura Kasumi) parents died in a traffic accident when she was three years old. She was adopted by her father’s older brother who runs a barber shop in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, and grew up happily. Toko was sometimes active as an idol and eventually aspired to become an actress. Then when she turned 19, Toko decided to try for an audition that was being held in Tokyo. However, on 11 March 2011, the day before her performance, the Great East Japan Earthquake struck. That autumn, Toko participates in volunteer activities in Kesennuma in Miyagi Prefecture together with a Korean coworker Han Yuri (Ji-young) at the cafe. This is where she meets Shimizu Kiyotaka (Sakaguchi Kentaro), a Tokyo University student who is a executive committee member of a student volunteer group. Kiyotaka runs operations on the ground quietly and systematically, but Toko feels something is off about his smile for some reason. She has no way of knowing his own cruel fate. As Toko and Kiyotaka spend time together in Kesennuma, they begin to develop special feelings for each other.
Preview: Soshite, Ikiru Teaser

Anata no Ban

Anata no Ban desu*UPDATED*
Date: From 10.30 p.m., Sundays, July 2019 (continues from last season)
Station: NTV
Scriptwriter: Fukuhara Mitsunori (Gokudo Meshi, Makanai-sou Series, Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito Series)
Genre: Mystery
Cast: Harada Tomoyo, Tanaka Kei, Nishino Nanase, Asaka Kodai, Nao, Yamada Maho, Mikura Kana, Otomo Karen, Kanazawa Miho, Tsubokura Yoshiyuki, Nakao Masaki, Koike Ryosuke, Isaka Ikumi, Araki Towa, Hakamada Yoshihiko, Katagiri Jin, Matobu Sei, Wada Soko, Nomaguchi Toru, Hayashi Yasufumi, Kataoka Reiko, Minagawa Sarutoki, Tokui Yu, Tanaka Yoji, Nagano Satomi, Sakata Masanobu, Okata Hisako, Minemura Rie, Takenaka Naoto, Ando Masanobu, Kimura Tae, Namase Katsuhisa, Yokoyama Ryusei, Tanaka Tetsushi
Synopsis: A newlywed couple move into an apartment near the Sumida River in Tokyo. Tezuka Nana (Harada Tomoyo) is a designer of sportswear. She was pursued by sports gym trainer Shota (Tanaka Kei) whom she met through work and they got married despite their 15-year age gap. What they share in common is a love of mysteries. Seeing the close families and couples, they imagine a bright and happy future for themselves. However, the fates of the Tezukas are rocked by a residents meeting that Nana attends. The residents of the apartment building start dying around them. Those with motives to kill have alibis and the murderers cannot be arrested in any of the cases. The riddle lies in a game that the residents are playing among themselves. 13 of them have written down the people they want to kill for offending them and started this murder game where these slips of paper are randomly drawn. At first, it was something that none of them took seriously. Then the people whose names were written started getting killed one after another and another threatening note is delivered with the warning, “You are next”. There is no turning back even if they have regrets.



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6 Responses to Summer 2019 Dramas

  1. junny says:

    Yay!!! I enjoyed season 1 and am so glad there will be another season to look forward to! Thanks for the news, Jade!

    • junny says:

      Okay, I don’t know which drama I was referring to above, lol, but I will say yay for another Tanaka Kei drama. Curious to see his chemistry with Harada Tomoyo and the drama sounds interesting.

  2. keiko1981 says:

    Is there any update on when this will air?

  3. Joe says:

    After reading the synopsis of Poison Daughter, Holy Mother, I found a weekly Monday-Friday daily drama from South Korean which just started airing title: Suspicious Mother-in-Law – 수상한 장모 – 120 episodes. I was think of watching but 120 episodes is a put off. I think I will stick with Poison Daughter, Holy Mother.

    Jenny works as a fashion designer and she is successful at her job. She has a very close relationship with her mother Soo Jin. Her mother wants Jenny to marry Man Soo, but Jenny does not like Man Soo and ignores him. Jenny happens to meet Eun Suk. They fall in love with each other at first sight. Eun Suk has a warm and quiet personality, but he believes in doing the right thing. He is from a wealthy family. They decide to get married, but Jenny’s mother Soo Jin opposes their marriage.

    I think the mother is a toxic parent.

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