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Anata no Ban

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From 10.30 p.m., Sundays, 14 April 2019 (for two seasons)


Tezuka Nana and Shota have recently married despite their 15-year age gap. The happy newlyweds move into an apartment near the Sumida River in Tokyo. Nana is a designer of sportswear. She was pursued by sports gym trainer Shota whom she met through work. What they share in common is a love of mysteries. Seeing the close families and couples, they imagine a bright and happy future for themselves. However, the fates of Nana and Shota are rocked by a residents meeting that Nana attends with Kusumi Yuzuru of unit 101, Tamiya Junichiro of unit 103, Ishizaki Yoko of unit 104, Ukita Keisuke of unit 201, Kuroshima Sawa of unit 202, Xinyi of unit 203, Ono Mikiha of unit 301, Kitagawa Sumika of unit 304, Enomoto Sanae of unit 402, Fujii Atsushi of unit 403, Akaike Misato of unit 502 and Tokoshima Hiroshi who is the building manager. The agenda for the meeting is to determine the cleaners for the garbage collection point. However, no one wants to volunteer for this job and they end up deciding by votes. Then Tokoshima starts to say “Each one of us has had a moment when we thought we’d like a fellow dead” out of the blue. The residents are stunned but they begin to talk about the people they have wanted to eliminate. When Nana comments that arrests will be made quickly in murder cases because the police will investigate people with motives, the conversation heads in an unexpected direction. If people have someone they want to kill and they “swap murders” with others who share the same idea, there will not only be no motive but also no arrest. The residents of the apartment building start dying around them after this meeting. Those with motives to kill have alibis and the murderers cannot be arrested in any of the cases. The riddle lies in a game that the residents are playing among themselves. 13 of them wrote down the people they want to kill for offending them and started this murder game where these slips of paper are randomly drawn. At first, it was something that none of them took seriously. Then the people whose names were written started getting killed one after another and another threatening note is delivered with the warning, “You are next”. There is no turning back even if they have regrets.

Harada Tomoyo as Tezuka Nana
A designer of sports wear who stays at unit 302 and works from home. She met her husband Shota through work and they got married despite their 15-year age gap. She is a kind and dependable wife. She is the indoor type and an avid reader who loves mysteries.

Tanaka Kei as Tezuka Shota
Tezuka Nana’s husband and a resident of unit 302. He is a sports gym instructor who adores his wife like a puppy adores its owner. He is good-natured and seems all brawn and no brain.

Nishino Nanase as Kuroshima Sawa
A university student in a science course. She stays at unit 202. She has a quiet personality and always seems to have bruises on her body.

Takenaka Naoto as Tokoshima Hiroshi
The apartment’s building manager who lives nearby. He is impudent and bossy person and cannot read situations.

Kimura Tae as Enomoto Sanae
The chairwoman of the residents council who stays at unit 402. A full-time housewife who lives with her husband Masashi who is a police officer. She has a rather passive but cheerful personality. She becomes friendly with Tezuka Nana.

Namase Katsuhisa as Tamiya Junichiro
A former banker who retired early. He stays at unit 103 with his wife Kimiko. He is inflexible because he is too serious.

Nao as Ono Mikiha
A single young woman who stays at unit 301. She works for a home delivery service and loves organic things.

Mikura Kana as Ishizaki Yoko
A housewife who stays at unit 104. She lives her husband Kenji who works for the ward office, and their two children. She is active in her children’s education

Kanazawa Miho as Xinyi
A foreign student from China who stays at unit 203 with two other foreigners. She works part-time at a restaurant that serves Bhutanese cuisine in the neighborhood.

Hakamada Yoshihiko as Kusumi Yuzuru
A bachelor who stays at unit 101. He is company employee and the type who is easily swayed but has a good heart.

Katagiri Jin as Fujii Atsushi
A bachelor who stays at unit 403. He is a doctor at a university hospital’s orthopedic surgery unit. He badly wants to get married but is unpopular.

Matobu Sei as Kitagawa Sumika
A single mother who stays at unit 304. She is a radio personality. She tends to neglect her 5-year-old son Sora because she is busy with work.

Tanaka Yoji as Ukita Keisuke
An underling in a gang. He stays at unit 201 and is the type who is reasonable.

Minemura Rie as Akaike Misato
A full-time housewife who stays at unit 502 with her husband Goro and elderly mother-in-law Sachiko. She has been devotedly caring for Sachiko but … …

Fukuhara Mitsunori (Gokudo Meshi, Makanai-sou Series)



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