Mistresses ~ Onnatachi no Himitsu


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From 10.00 p.m., Fridays, 19 April 2019


Four women who became close friends through a chance encounter have frequent gatherings where they drink, converse and vent their frustrations. However, they actually have serious issues which they cannot tell others. Shibasaki Kaori is a doctor who feels burdened by the suicide of her lover Kido Koichiro. Although his son Takashi suspects her involvement in his death, they are drawn to each other. Noguchi Tomomi’s husband Toshiya went missing overseas and she recently received an insurance payout after he was deemed to be dead. She meets a new man Yasuoka Shuhei who makes her feel excited about romance for the first time in a long while, and feels depressed when their date is cancelled. Harada Saeko has a disagreement with her husband Satoshi who wants children. As they grow apart, she ends up getting close to her colleague Sakaguchi Arata and has a one night stand. Mizushima Juri has had a string of lovers. But when she meets a lesbian who is about to get married, she finds herself attracted to her and experiences true love for the first time in her life. Will the four women find their happy ever afters?

Hasegawa Kyoko as Shibasaki Kaori
A doctor of psychosomatic medicine. She took over the small hospital in Tokyo that her parents left behind and lives alone. The girls-only gatherings are mainly held at her house. She is suspected of being the lover of Kido Koichiro who was her patient, by his son Takashi.

Sugino Yosuke as Kido Takashi
A university student who is studying architecture. He respects his father Kido Koichiro, who was a well-known architect very much. Wanting to know the truth of his father’s death, he follows Shibasaki Kaori around.

Aso Yumi as Kido Yoshie
Kido Takashi’s mother. Although she had suspected that Shibasaki Kaori was the lover of her husband Koichiro, she firmly believed that she was loved by him.

Hashimoto Satoshi as Kido Koichiro
An architect. Kido Takashi’s father. He had an affair with Shibasaki Kaori, and asked her to prescribe morphine.

Mizuno Miki as Noguchi Tomomi
A housewife who works at a bread shop. After her husband went missing in an accident overseas seven years ago, she raised their daughter on her own. She recently received an insurance payout for his death, and a man whom she is interested in has appeared and unsettles the people around her.

Yoshizawa Hisashi as Noguchi Toshiya
Noguchi Tomomi’s husband. A construction company employee who was posted overseas but went missing after getting involved in an accident. He was a caring husband to his family but … …

Komoto Masahiro as Yasuoka Shuhei
A translator of foreign picture books. A single father raising a daughter of elementary school age, he gets close to Noguchi Tomomi. Is this pure love or does he have an ulterior motive?

Kakei Miwako as Miki
A woman with a young boy who approaches Noguchi Tomomi. She seems to be having difficulty with life but her identity is a mystery.

Hyunri as Harada Saeko
A businesswoman who works for a cosmetics company. Things are going fairly well at work and she is all lovey-dovey with her husband Satoshi. She has no complaints about life but she disagrees with Satoshi who wants to start having children and that causes their relationship to get awkward.

Sato Ryuta as Harada Satoshi
Harada Saeko’s husband. He is a outstanding graphic designer and cares for his wife. But his desire to start having children results in differences with Saeko.

Hosoda Yoshihiko as Sakaguchi Arata
Harada Saeko’s younger colleague. He appears to be an unreliable, mild-mannered man and admires Saeko who is great at her job. He is also her confidant at work.

Omasa Aya as Mizushima Juri
A fitness gym trainer. She loves sweat and muscles. She has had many romances and changed men repeatedly. However, her perspective of love completely changes when she meets Sudo Rei and she awakens to true love.

Shinoda Mariko as Sudo Rei
A stylist who declares that she is a lesbian. A stylish woman who strives to diet at the gym where Mizushima Juri works, before her marriage.

Mori Yusaku as Sokabe Naoki
Mizushima Juri’s fiance. A man who is detached from reality, he idealises Juri as an angel. He is never discouraged no matter how many harsh she is to him.

Yoshida Noriko (Kataomoi, Chuushingura no Koi)
Yokota Rie (Daisy Luck, Koi ga Heta demo Ikitemasu)

Original Work
Mistresses by BBC

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    are you doesn’t record Meiji Tokyo Renka live action? I really want to watch it. please. 😓

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