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From 11.15 p.m., Saturdays, 13 April 2019

TV Asahi

38-year-old Ishibashi Taro, who works for a major bank; 37-year-old Miyoshi Reiya who heads an aesthetic dental clinic; and 45-year-old Iwakura Kazuhiko, a lawyer with his own practice, have fulfilling work and personal lives. They are satisfied doing everything by themselves and are not insecure or unhappy about remaining bachelors. These three men with better than average looks and qualities hang out together at Taro’s apartment every night and enjoy the freedom of being single. But one day, Taro happens to meet Takeshima Mai, an ex-girlfriend whom he once considered proposing to. He regrets breaking up with her three years ago when she went overseas. At the same time, Miyoshi is happily divorced, but faced with problems relating to his own identity and feels anxious while Iwakura finds himself at a critical juncture when his father falls ill in his hometown. Incidents that happen to each of the three, moves their hearts and they develop a strong awareness of marriage. With the complete reversal in their bachelor lives which were going smoothly until now, they find themselves at the crossroads. But what lies ahead of them is an outrageous “world of marriages with difficulties”.

Takahashi Issei as Ishibashi Taro
He works for a major bank and is a well-balanced organisation man with great analytical skills and insight. Although he is hardworking and enthusiastic about his work but his sharp eye gets in the way of romance. While he does not see the merits of marriage since he can do everything by himself, he calculates in advance and is unable to honestly enjoy romance. That is why he is mocked by his friends. However, he is jolted when his ex-girlfriend Takeshima Mai, whom he broke up with three years ago after she went overseas, shows up all of a sudden one day.

Saito Takumi as Miyoshi Reiya
The head of an aesthetic dental clinic and one of Ishibashi Taro’s bachelor buddies. He is good looking, but is actually divorced because he is way more individualistic than anticipated. His ex-wife’s attitude changed as soon as they got married and she became a woman who spent money like water on brand names and trips. On the day he submitted the divorce papers in the name of “Independence Day”, he shouted, “I’m free!” and made a comeback to the “singles market”. He has been enjoying his greatest popular phase. But one day, he is faced with problems regarding his own identity and quickly gets consumed with worry.

Takito Kenichi as Iwakura Kazuhiko
A lawyer with his own practice. He has many acquaintances in political and business circles. The large law firm that he runs has been doing extremely well and his annual income continues to grow. He has a younger girlfriend whom he has kept waiting for a long time. He is successful man in everything and a wise man to Ishibashi Taro and Miyoshi Reiya. However, his life completely changes when his father falls ill. He is overwhelmed by the first adversity in his life and the “harshness of life” and “dread” is also brought home to Taro and Reiya.

Naka Riisa as Miyoshi Kazuna
Miyoshi Reiya’s younger sister who is in charge of the reception desk at her brother’s aesthetic dental practice. A sensible and practical woman, she is actually the person who runs the clinic behind the scenes. She often visits Ishibashi Taro’s apartment and is an absolute treasure who makes caustic comments from the female perspective to the three dreamers. In fact, she has secretly had feelings for Taro a long time. However, at that time Taro already had a girlfriend whom he was going to marry, and she has maintained her position as his closest girl friend but … …

Takahashi Maryjun as Takeshima Mai
A tour coordinator who works for a travel company. Ishibashi Taro’s ex-girlfriend. Three years ago, they broke up when she left for London. However, she recently returned to Japan and looks Taro up. This reignites the romantic feelings that he has kept a lid on.

Sakurai Yuki as Hibino Toko
A beautiful, capable lawyer who belongs to Iwakura Kazuhiko’s firm. She is sharp at work and overwhelms the bachelors with her bold behaviour outside of work.

Kaneko Arisa (Chugaku Seinikki, Final Cut)

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