Radiation House Season 1 ~ Houshasenka no Shindan Report

Radiation House

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From 9.00 p.m., Mondays, 8 April 2019

Fuji TV

Igarashi Iori is a radiographer who believes the “truth” will always be captured in CT and MRI images and his talent has been recognised by the most respected radiologist in the US. After his return to Japan, Iori gets a job at Amakasu General Hospital where Amakasu An, the childhood friend he has fancied all this while, works as a radiologist. 22 years ago, An told Iori about her dream to become a doctor and follow in her father’s footsteps. At that time, An said she will make him her helper after he becomes the world’s best “photographer” since a “photographer” is necessary to detect illnesses. On his first day of work, Iori heads to the hospital by bus. Hirose Hirono, a new radiographer who got a job with Iori, is also on the same bus. During the journey, Iori notices a slight change in the bus driver and tells a passenger to call for an ambulance. Iori instructs the ambulance crew that rushed over to take the man to a hospital which can perform an angiography. The bus driver is brought to Amakasu General Hospital and accepted by orthopedic surgeon Tsujimura Shuntaro who is in charge of emergencies. However, the bus driver is well enough to stand on his own … … Amakasu General Hospital’s Department of Radiology is headed by Kaburagi Yasutomi who is also the Medical Services Director. Gossip spreads among the radiographers that Iori might be the illegitimate child of hospital director Omori Nagisa. Iori arrives late because of the incident on the bus, but is finally reunited with An. Although she does not remember him at all and he gets quite a shock, their meeting eventually turns out to be a life-changing moment.

Kubota Masataka as Igarashi Iori
A radiographer who believes the “truth” will always be captured in CT and MRI images. After gaining recognition from the most respected radiologist in the US, he returns to Japan. He starts working at Amakasu General Hospital where Amakasu An, his crush since childhood, is a radiologist. He discovers diseases that cannot be seen as a “photographer” of illnesses, and saves patients’ lives.

Honda Tsubasa as Amakasu An
A radiologist who is the daughter of the previous director of Amakasu General Hospital. She always wants to help patients, but as a hospital staff, she ends up having to put the hospital’s rules and efficiency ahead of them. She looks down on radiographers who do not have a medical license. Although she is serious, extremely proud and strong-minded, she actually has no confidence in herself.

Hirose Alice as Hirose Hirono
Igarashi Iori’s colleague. A new radiographer. In her desire to be of help to patients, she works hard at everything. However, her efforts are always fruitless because she is poor at remembering things and clumsy. The ace of the basketball club during high school days, she is an energetic young woman who has confidence in her stamina.

Suzuki Nobuyuki as Tsujimura Shuntaro
A handsome orthopaedic surgeon who works at Amakasu General Hospital. Igarashi Iori’s rival in love. He has a promising future and good looks, and is also popular with females in contrast to the free-spirited Iori who is “completely hopeless” at everything. He makes all sorts of advances such as asking Amakasu An out on dates.

Endo Kenichi as Onodera Toshio
The chief radiographer. He is typically scruffy and loves gambling. However, his skills as a veteran radiographer are truly top-notch and he takes notice of Igarashi Iori’s talent early on.

Asano Kazuyuki as Kaburagi Yasutomi
The head of Amakasu General Hospital’s Department of Radiology and Medical Services Director. Because he desires status and fame, he has been keeping an eye on the hospital director’s position. He wants to quickly expel Igarashi Iori who causes nothing but trouble at every turn.

Wakui Emi as Omori Nagisa
The hospital director of Amakasu General Hospital. She is the hospital’s conscience and like a “mother” who gently watches over everyone without being seen. She has the best understanding of how highly skilled Igarashi Iori is although he is considered a “completely hopeless fellow” by the people around him including Amakasu An. She is the only person who knows his secret.

Okita Haruka (Good Doctor, Keiji Yugami, Sukina Hito ga Iru Koto)

Original Work
Radiation House by Yokomaku Tomohiro

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