Mirror Twins Season 1

Mirror Twins

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From 11.40 p.m., Saturdays, 6 April 2019 (followed by Season 2 in June on WOWOW)

Fuji TV

Katsuragi Keigo and Yugo are twin sons of a wealthy man. The older Yugo is free spirited while the younger Keigo is serious. One day while playing in the park, Keigo looks at his watch and says it is time to go back. However, Yugo does not listen and heads deeper into the park. Keigo leaves him and hurries home on his own. Right after that, Yugo is unexpectedly abducted by a kidnapper. 20 years later, Keigo who is now 30, has become a detective with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. His older brother Yugo’s kidnapping case remains unsolved. No one knows where he is and whether he is even dead or alive. Keigo became a detective to bring the truth to light but his colleague Akagi Katsuhiko dislikes him. Although Keigo is a police officer, he trusts the police less than anyone else. Meanwhile, his father Eiichi is on a television programme. He calls for information on the case 20 years ago and says he will personally offer 100 million yen for important leads. The family believes that Yugo is alive somewhere and will not give up. Keigo shares the same sentiment as his father since Yugo’s body was never found. He also feels strongly that he cannot develop a close relationship with his girlfriend Shiraishi Satomi, who is the only person he trusts, until they find Yugo. Satomi wants to know how long Keigo will make her wait, and how long he will continue tormenting himself. Her words make him recall the remorse he felt 20 years ago for leaving Yugo alone at the time. Like Keigo, Minagawa Kosaku and Kuno Genichiro, who were the detectives in charge of the investigation at that time, still cannot get over the case – a curse that they are unable to solve for as long as they live. Then an attempted murder takes place. The man who was stabbed is Tajima, an unemployed man who intended to provide information after watching the television programme. Keigo happened to be nearby and is the first person at the scene of the crime. The only evidence discovered is DNA that is exactly the same as his and he finds himself under pursuit. He wonders if the criminal is Yugo. Despite having the same genes, their lives have turned out like two sides of a mirror. That is why deep in their hearts, each twin thinks that he is different from the other. Which one is truly evil and which one is righteous?!

Fujigaya Taisuke as Katsuragi Keigo/Yugo
Katsuragi Keigo: A detective with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. He is a serious and stoic man who puts his career first. He became a detective in order to reveal the truth of the kidnapping case 20 years ago. He feels uncomfortable being the only one happy given his brother’s misfortune, and cannot develop a close relationship with his girlfriend Shiraishi Satomi. He drinks coffee black.

Katsuragi Yugo: Katsuragi Keigo’s older twin brother. The victim of a kidnapping case that happened 20 years ago. The investigation was called off while he remained missing. Although he is believed to be dead, he is actually alive. He wants to take revenge on all the people who ruined his life. He drinks coffee with sugar.

Kurashina Kana as Shiraishi Satomi
Katsuragi Keigo’s girlfriend. She works as a chef at a restaurant in Tokyo. She heard about the kidnapping case that took place 20 years ago from Keigo and is aware of the weight of his burden. She hopes he will forget the past and live for his own happiness. This also ends up straining her relationship with him. In fact, she does not know her parents and seems burdened with a shadow over her past … …

Takeda Rina as Kuno Shiori
The daughter of Kuno Genichiro, the head of the First Investigative Division. She admires her father who inspired her to become a police officer. She has a strong sense of justice and currently works at Midorisaka Police Precinct where she partners detective Minagawa Kosaku who is a trainer. She realises that her father has a personal interest in the case 20 years ago and regrets that it remained unsolved when it reached the statue of limitation.

Watanabe Dai as Akagi Katsuhiko
A detective with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. He sees Katsuragi Keigo as his rival and regards him with hostility. Because he started out as an inspector, he shows no mercy even to his relations if they are suspected. He is the type of rigid bureaucrat who is proud of his profession.

Satoi Kenta as Katsuragi Eiichi
The father of Katsuragi Keigo and Yugo. He grew up in a distinguished family and once worked for a big corporation. 20 years ago, one of his twin sons, Yugo, was kidnapped and went missing. After the police investigation was called off, he uses his personal wealth to continue the search for Yugo. When his wife Harue falls ill, he appears on a television programme to call for information on Yugo and offers a reward of 100 million yen.

Takahashi Katsunori as Minagawa Kosaku
A detective of Midorisaka Police Precinct. Rank: Assistant Inspector. A non-career police officer who was in charge of Katsuragi Yugo’s kidnapping case 20 years ago. However, case remained unsolved when it reached the statue of limitation. A man with a deep sense of compassion and duty, he still persists in pursuing the kidnapper. He and his wife Satsuki do not have any children, and they watch over Katsuragi Keigo as if he were their own child. He also becomes a confidant and mentor whom Keigo can consult after the young man joins the police force as a detective.

Ishiguro Ken as Kuno Genichiro
The head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. He led the investigation of the kidnapping case 20 years ago. He shoulders the burden of the unsolved case in his heart. Although he is a career police officer unlike Minagawa Kosaku, their relationship is like that of fellows who carry the same scars.

Takahashi Yuya (Hi no Ko, Angel Heart, Tenshi to Akuma)

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