NHK Drama Special 2019 ~ Shukyu Yokka de Onegaishimasu

Shukyu Yokka de Onegaishimasu

Date: From 10.00 p.m., 29 March 2019
Scriptwriter: Ishihara Rieko
Cast: Okayama Amane, Iitoyo Marie, Minagawa Sarutoki, Shuhama Harumi, Kamimura Yoriko, Endo Kenichi   
Synopsis: Takahashi Naoto (Okayama Amane), a regular employee of a bento chain, gets caught between his boss Morita (Minagawa Sarutoki) and part-timers including Narumi (Shuhama Harumi). He has to handle the paperwork alone and often works late. Although Takahashi toys with the idea of resigning, he is pressured by his father (Endo Kenichi) and gets through the days with no courage to quit. One day, a young lady called Aoki Hana (Iitoyo Marie) around the same age as Takahashi comes to interview for a part-time position. She is single, lives alone and has no dream. With a slight aura of mystery, Hana smiles and requests a three-day week, and Takahashi ends up falling in love with her at first sight. The kitchen staff are puzzled by Haru who works part-time even though she is young and says she likes kokeshi dolls. When Takahashi asks whether she can survive on a three-day week, she replies that she is doing a three-day week in order to survive. Wanting to get close to Haru, Takahashi lies that he likes kokeshi dolls too. That results in the two of them going out for a kokeshi event. Takahashi’s attraction to Haru grows as she happily teaches him about the beauty of kokeshi dolls. Then one day, he makes a big mistake at work due to exhaustion from continuously working late … …
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