Heisei Monogatari Season 2 ~ Nandemonai keredo, Kakegae no nai Shunkan

Heisei Monogatari 2

Official Website

From 1.05 a.m., 19 – 23 March 2019

Fuji TV

It is close to the end of the Heisei Period. Mei works at a pet shop. When she is getting ready one morning, her husband Takahiro, who is an author, comes out of the room. He has forgotten that she has to go to work. This has always been the case. Mei is not particularly bothered about it and says she will come home after she collects the wedding rings they ordered. Several days earlier, Mei was informed by Rin who got married later than her, that she is pregnant. The sight of her happy-looking friend made Mei honestly confess that she was the one who said she wanted children first. Although Mei is happy, she feels slightly disappointed with Takahiro who shows no interest in a wedding ceremony or wedding rings much less children. Sensing her feelings, Takahiro declares that he will buy the rings and they go to a jewellery shop. The rings are modest but Mei is filled with happiness and believes these days will last. On an evening one month later, she happily returns home after collecting the rings. However, Takahiro is missing … …

* Yamazaki Hirona as Mei
* Kasamatsu Sho as Takahiro
* Shimizu Kurumi as Rin
* Takahashi Kazuya
* Mori Yusaku
* Yanagi Erisa
* Isahaya Kosaku
* Nakayama Kyuichiro
* Hosoi Manabu
* Iwaya Kenji
* Murakami Jun
* Okayama Amane (guest star)

Kato Takuya (Heisei Monogatari Season 1, Miki Clinic de Kanpai o)

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