Onna no Kigen no Naoshikata

Onna no Kigen no Naoshikata

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From 12.55 a.m., Sundays, 17 March 2019 (followed by movie in summer)


A wedding is said to be a minefield which ruins a woman’s good mood with 75% of couples fighting over the ceremony and preparations. University student Majima Ai is a part-timer working at a wedding hall. She has chosen to work at this place in order to gather data for the graduation thesis she is writing on the theme “Ways to restore a woman’s good humour because male and female brains are different”. On her first day, she is put in charge of a couple’s wedding ceremony together with Aoyagi Seiji, a passionate wedding planner who has been made her superior. Ai and Aoyagi drop by the waiting room with 15 minutes to spare before the new bride and groom enter the hall and immediately sense trouble brewing between the couple Kitazawa Mari and Yu. Only Ai notices that Mari is born with a sullen attitude. Meanwhile, an incident happens. Mari’s wedding dress is stained by wine. Aoyagi and Yu hurry to find an alternative dress for her to make it in time for the ceremony. However, Mari simply nods and says, “I’m fine with this. If this is not it …” As it’s well past the time to start, Yu who does not understand the reason for her fixation with the stained dress, unthinkingly raises his voice. Then the worst words come from Mari, “I’m not getting married!” Yu put her in a bad mood. At this rate, not only will the reception be in jeopardy, so will the wedding itself. Yu is at a complete loss as to what to do while Aoyagi is desperate. Then Ai speaks up, “What she wants is not a solution but empathy.” Will the reception take place without a hitch? Ai solves all sorts of problems between men and women with the latest neuroscience. Although she starts off dealing with issues in a business-like manner to gather data, her feelings gradually begin to change … …

* Hayami Akari as Majima Ai
* Hiraoka Yuta as Aoyagi Seiji
* Kitazawa Mari as Matsui Rena
* Kitazawa Yu as Saeki Daichi
* Mizusawa Erena as Kobayakawa Azusa
* Maeda Goki as Hayashi Tsuyoshi
* Asaka Mayumi as Kitazawa Harumi
* Hara Hideko as Shintani Satoko
* Kaneda Akio as Shintani Daigo

Hiruta Naomi
Yokozawa Natsuko

Original Work
Onna no Kigen no Naoshikata by Kurokawa Ihoko

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