Fruits Takuhaibin

Fruits Takkyubin

Official Website

From 12.12 a.m., Saturdays, 12 January 2019

TV Tokyo

The company that Sakita Shinichi worked at in Tokyo goes bankrupt. He also gets kicked out of company housing and has no choice but to return to his hometown in a provincial city. One day, he pops into a ramen shop that he used to frequent as student. This is where he meets Misuji, a scary-looking man of many mysteries who is a regular at the shop. When Misuji learns about Sakita’s situation, he encourages Sakita to help him with his work. Sakita goes with the flow and accepts. But this job is to be the store manager of the call girl for hire business, Fruits Takkyubin, that Misuji owns. Sakita starts work along with the driver Masakane and the clerk Mizuko, even though he is bewildered by this strange world that he knows nothing of. All sorts of women work at Fruits Takkyubin where the most popular call girl is Mikan. A single mother visits for an interview and begins working as the call girl Yuzu. Despite her beautiful features, Yuzu is facing a predicament because she was actually treated poorly by her ex-husband. After learning the shocking truth, Sakita swings into action out of a desire to help her but … …

* Hamada Gaku as Sakita Shinichi
* Naka Riisa as Motohashi Emi
* Maeno Tomoya as Oda Tetsuro
* Tokunaga Eri as Mikan
* Yamashita Rio as Ichigo
* Kitahara Rie as Lemon
* Arakawa Yoshiyoshi as Masakane
* Hara Fukiko as Mizuko
* Matsuo Suzuki as Misuji
* Uchiyama Rina as Yuzu (guest star)
* Narumi Riko as Momo (guest star)
* Urajinuno as Suika (guest star)
* Uchida Chika as Sudachi (guest star)
* Kakei Miwako as Sakuranbo (guest star)
* Nakamura Yuri as Blueberry (guest star)
* Matsumoto Wakana as Kabosu (guest star)
* Matsuoka Izumi as Guava (guest star)
* Abe Junko as Sumomo (guest star)

Nemoto Nonji (Ten Tenhodori no Kaidanji, Izakaya Fuji, Gin to Kin)

Original Work
Fruits Takkyubin by Suzuki Yoshio

Click here for photos from the press conference.



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